More on the Syrian Refugee Crisis, Immigration, and Borders

Justin Raimondo nails in with the Syrian refugee controversy in his article at the American Conservative.

Meanwhile, the feds are working to make it easier for the IRS to confiscate your passport. That certainly won’t be abused or used against political dissidents.

How many open borders advocates will scream as loudly about this as they do about the Syrians – and anyone else – being allowed in?

Isn’t it funny how open-borders advocates are fixated on allowing anyone and sundry into the country, even if it means financing it with taxpayer dollars, but they are far, far less interested or concerned about restrictions on those looking to leave the United States? In other words, they’re fanatical about anyone being able to come in, but not so much about being able to leave. When they put as much emphasis on the latter as they do the former, maybe then I’ll take their pro-open immigration stance seriously.

The definition of a free society isn’t one in which anyone is allowed in, but where anyone is allowed to leave. The definition of a blackhole society is where anyone can come in but not leave.

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