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Why Immigration Today Is Not the Same As It Was in 1900 (Thanks to the State)

Matt Wilson has a new post on ideas to reform the welfare state when taking into consideration immigration, which under the current model encourages poor immigrants to come and remain poor. While providing some background, he did a commendable job … Continue reading

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The Greatest Thing the CIA Probably Ever Did

I was reading about the back story to one of my favorite novels, Dr. Zhivago, and discovered upon its publication in Italy, the CIA bought up hundreds of copies to distribute as part of its anti-communist campaign. Putting that book … Continue reading

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If Jesus Had Been Born in 2015

Good article by John Whitehead about what the life of Jesus might have been like had he been born today. My only contention is the subtle inference that Jesus Christ had a political agenda. Also, he wasn’t crucified by the Romans because they wanted … Continue reading

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Doug Casey on Immigration and Borders

Crisis investor Doug Casey has added his two cents to the immigration and borders debate. I find his perspective to be rather unique, seeing as he has visited and lived in more countries than most. Unfortunately, while he provides some … Continue reading

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Blessed Are the Faithful (Who Don’t Vote)

On Facebook a friend of mine posted a link to an article written by a Christian writer on the current political ideologies. What I found fascinating is that while the writer critiques democracy, it is not because of how it works but how … Continue reading

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Why We Have to End the Fed

One thing I would really like to see among libertarians, the Alt. Right, reactionaries, and anybody else who wants to reduce the state, is a full-fledged assault on the existence of the Federal Reserve. When you take the time to … Continue reading

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Urban Cities are the New Concentration Camps

I’ve never watched the entire film “My Dinner with Andre,” but my brother once showed me this clip and it’s worth both watching in the film and quoting down below. I think that New York is the new model for … Continue reading

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