Ron Paul on Syrian Refugees

Great minds think alike, it seems.

Or just Ron Paul yet again is the voice of reason on a topic that has clouded the judgment of so many.

The American people have been forced to pay untold millions for a ten-year CIA and Pentagon program to undermine and overthrow the Syrian government, and now we are supposed to pay millions more to provide welfare for the refugees Obama created

For the past ten years the US government has been planning and executing a regime change operation against the Syrian government. It is this policy that has produced the chaos in Syria, including the rise of ISIS and al-Qaeda in the country. After a decade of US destabilization efforts, we are now told that Syria is totally destabilized and we therefore must take in thousands of Syrians fleeing the destabilization that Washington caused.

Has there ever been a more foolish and wrong-headed foreign policy than this?

He essentially offers the same solutions I have: End the wars overseas, don’t bring in the refugees, and force the military contractors who profit off of their suffering to pay for it.

Pretty simple. Why is it so hard?

In other news, the feds are trying to deport 27 refugees who don’t fit the state’s preferred demographic. Wintery Knight put it better than I could:

“They’re not going to be dependent, they don’t support abortion and gay marriage, they’re not going to engage in terrorism, so that means they are not the kind of immigrant we (edit: the state) want.”

Just like with the German family the feds tried to kick out last year because they wanted to homeschool their kids, if the state doesn’t want someone immigrating to this country and proactively attempts to kick them out, that probably means I want them here, and vice versa. But don’t expect to see a whole lot of Facebook activists standing up for “these” refugees.

That there tells you everything you need to know. In such situations, silence is louder than thunder. 

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