Diversity Doesn’t Care About Free Speech

Courtesy of InfoWars.com (emphasis added).

Earlier this week, the student activist group, chaired by three black students, was successful in urging the Student Executive Committee to sack three white student leaders on the Student Senate who they said did not “stand in solidarity with their black peers and proclaim that Black Lives Matter,” according to the Daily Mail.

“Black students do not feel that the Student Senate provides adequate representation, funding and support for their needs,” a message by the committee said following the 6-3 vote of no confidence.

In an interview with the University Daily Kansan, one of the group’s leaders, Caleb Stephens, described why the group chose to attack the student senators’ First Amendment rights.

“Free speech is very much structured. It’s not kind to people of color,” Stephens told the Kansan. “There is a special weight that free speech carries because it carries a speech that oppresses and continues to oppress black people.”

Diversity doesn’t care that you value free speech, for yourself or for others. Diversity only cares about what diversity wants, and how you’re going to give it to them.

This ties directly into the aspect of immigration, as a concept, that nobody wants to talk about. We live in a democracy, which means people who live in it can vote on how they want to use the state’s power, and if you’re a majority, you can push your views onto other people. What exactly am I, as a libertarian and a political minority, supposed to think when thousands of people who think like this want to live near me? What recourse do I have?

But apparently merely wanting to protect myself from those who openly proclaim their desire to silence my speech is “un-libertarian.”

This is why decentralization has to happen sooner or later. This is why the feds’ power needs to be curtailed ASAP. This is why the various regions need to be allowed to go their own way.

Either that, or people like myself will have the wonderful choice between putting the muzzle on our mouths or having someone else do the honors for us. That will be the new meaning of freedom, the ability to decide to submit to the state or have them beat you into submission.



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