Tribalism Is The Future

I’m glad I’m not the only one who advocates the clan model as a solution to throwing off the shackles of the state.

Neomasculine writer Roosh V writes (emphasis added).

I’m coming to the conclusion that the only way to defeat the evils of liberalism, feminism, social justice, and progressivism is to have huge families and create tribes that are free-thinking, self-reliant, and, most importantly, armed. The men of the future who can resist totalitarianism and unjust government authority come from the wombs of the women living today, and those women must at some point be convinced that being stay-at-home mothers who raise strong men is superior to becoming zombie consumers who poison and sterilize their own bodies.

The last thing that those in power want is for women to pair-bond with independent, masculine men who do not need the state and who place more importance and loyalty in their blood relatives and nation than to leftist ideas, iPhones, and sports teams.

This is where we’re going to have to move sooner or later. Trying to fix the current model won’t work. We have to create entirely new organizations and institutions that are wholly non-dependent and non-reliant on the state.

And it is not enough to simply have a stateless society. They must be based on a culture not tainted by these poisonous ideologies that will allow the state to take over, as they have done now.

It is through this we can create a culture of resistance so that if the state attempts to intervene, we can respond with effective force.

However, I am certain they won’t let us set up these clans/tribes without a fight. They know as well as we do that if these institutions make it off the ground and transform into functioning societies, it’s all over for them. They need us to need them. They will seek to kill our movements in the cradle, so to speak.


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4 Responses to Tribalism Is The Future

  1. Gekko says:

    “create tribes that are free-thinking, self-reliant, and, most importantly, armed”
    Completely agree. Therein lie the seeds of the agorist communities of the future.


  2. Yeah let’s defeat liberalism! let’s go back to the tribe!


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