How to Solve the Syrian Refugee Issue

Having put aside debating on Facebook forever, I still have to endure others doing it. With the current Paris attacks, the Syria bombing, and the refugee and migrant crisis, its’ only gotten worse. The lack of intellectual depth, constrained by a limited paradigm of thinking, is difficult to bear.

So here I’ll post a few solutions.

  • Refugees and migrants cannot be allowed into the country. It’s harsh, and I hate the fact that it has come to this, but I’m looking at the long-term. Care for them, certainly. Put Gitmo to good use. Have the care funded by private charities. But they cannot come into the country. This has nothing to do with racism or nativism or whatever other red herring thrown out there. More people should be suspicious that the same government that bombs their countries wants to bring them here and drop them in the middle of America, guaranteeing unnecessary racial, religious, and cultural tensions and possibly false flag terrorist acts the state can blame on them. Refugees make a good scapegoat for the state to continue bombing; if there aren’t refugees, they have no scapegoat. This is called called perverse incentives. Just look at France right now.
  • End the Syria bombing. Now. Withdraw all military forces ASAP. It’s the highest order of insanity that we bomb a country trying to fend off ISIS while claiming we need to fight ISIS.
  • Pull troops out of the Middle East entirely. The U.S. has done enough damage already.
  • Levy a “fine” on defense contractors who profited from bombing Syria so that they are burdened with the costs of returning the refugees to their homeland once the bombing ends. All military officials and politicians who played a role in the bombing can pay their “fair share,” too. This way the refugees will have something to return with to rebuild their lives, paid for by those who were responsible. Not Joe Schmoe in small town Americana.

People need to get it into their heads that when libertarians like myself are opposed to refugees or migrants coming to this country, it’s not just about them or what they might do. It’s about them being used as pawns in a political chess game by the state.

It’s brilliant, actually. They’ve created a humanitarian crisis and then use it to effect change in this country that otherwise could lead to public outrage. A perfect bait-and-switch that’s fooled everyone, including libertarians.

If we allow refugees and migrants in, it’s a tacit endorsement of the U.S. government’s current foreign policy, and they’ll keep bombing away and letting more in as the country falls apart. I hear a lot of libertarians saying yes, yes, the war should end, but we have to, just have to take in the refugees regardless.

Sorry, but if we want the war to end, the people responsible for this mess need to feel the pain, not the common ordinary mundane whom too many think are only opposed to this state-coerced integration because of nativism.

Our wise overlords have to suffer before they’ll relent. Until this country adopts an anti-war mood, the bombing isn’t going to stop, and that has to come first before anything else.

Right now, we’re got the worst of both worlds dominating the debate; the people who are angry about the refugees don’t see the correlation with bombing their country, while the other side is more interested in making sure we bring the refugees in than ending the war that created them in the first place, guaranteeing that more will come without end in sight.

Are my solutions perfect? No. Nobody else’s will be, either. This is where philosophy has to be applied as best it can to a mess created by the state. Trying to blame it on anything else is foolishness.

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