The State Priests of the University of Missouri

As a reporter, watching the travesty that is the University of Missouri, specifically the treatment of a young student string for ESPN, was particularly unnerving.

Seeing the video of him being harassed and threatened with physical violence sent chills down my spine; I promise you that if the “communications professor” had struck my camera and called for “muscle” to attack me, I would have entered “flight or fight” mode and knocked her to the ground.

What we’re witnessing are enormous temper tantrums from the most spoiled, non-intelligent, ignorant, foolish, and emotionally disturbed group of people you can possibly imagine. These are the parasites, little more cognizant than zombies, who will gladly, cheerfully, participate in mass riots and executions of “undesirable” groups like mine.

And to think, these people vote. Isn’t democracy wonderful? All hail the dictatorship of the proletariat!

As for the young stringer, his mistake was thinking the students and teacher believed, as he does, that they all have the same rights to free speech and assembly. But as self-appointed state priests who held an exclusive claim to The Truth, they decreed he did not have the same rights because his being there did not conform to their version of The Vision™.

Everyone has the “right” to behave in accordance with social, ethical, moral, cultural, or religious views that fit within how things should be done in all sectors of life. A person’s “rights” can be revoked at any time if they violate or threaten the precepts.

Contrary to how it may appear, they weren’t illogical; they just refused to admit their underlying belief is at odds with the belief of equal rights the stringer advocated. Everyone is equal, but some are more equal than others.

I would just like to add for any non-white male reading this who might be on the sidelines or indifferent to the social justice warrior bullshit going on, the treatment of this young Asian man (by a white woman, no less; so much for checking your privilege) should serve as a wakeup call that at the end of the day, politics is all that matters to these people when deciding who to lynch and who to leave alone. Race, culture, ethnicity, gender, what have you; none of it will get in the way of fulfilling The Vision™.

If you think that you’re going to be safe when these dipshits get into power and start enforcing the SJW narrative on a national level through open acts of violence, you’re naive. Either you will do as they say, or you will get “muscle” called on you. Just hope when the neoreactionaries respond with a brutality of their own in kind they’re perceptive enough to not target you as well.

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