Ben Carson Didn’t Lie

At least when he said that opposition to murdering innocent people during war is “politically correctness.”

There is no question that unpleasantries brought about by our own forces will be necessary to accomplish our goals and defeat terrorism, but you cannot win a politically correct war.

What do you think he means by unpleasantries? Maybe possibly bombing hospitals?

Of course, by “lie” I mean he wasn’t being dishonest about what he believes. I wish he had lied, but it only proves what I’ve already learned: Aside from probably Ron Paul, no one runs for president with clean hands, or sound beliefs.

For all those who whine about Trump’s popularity in spite of his views, but support Carson: Physician, heal thyself. You’re looking for a saint to run for the head of a mob famiy

Carson should stick to giving National Prayer breakfast speeches and brain surgery. Sad how a doctor can be so brazen about the horrors of war.

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