Political Hubris

Something about the Establishment that makes me chuckle is their political hubris; or, if you prefer, Doug Casey’s concept of stupidity, the tendency toward self-destruction.

Having done their best to turn America into a giant Balkans, they’re then concerned that voters are voting in a tribal manner – as if they have different cultures, social values, beliefs, traditions, religions, and views of governance.

Whodathunk, huh?

The only way to be more oblivious to the obvious would be to pour gasoline over your house, light a match, and then ponder why it’s lit up like a Roman candle.

Roissy at Chateau Heartiste queried whether they realized this is a direct consequence of their own decisions:

“Is this what the ruling class wanted all along? Or is the ruling class just that stupid and didn’t foresee what their Diversity-mongering would unleash? Either way, if beliefs don’t change soon, America and Europe are FUBAR.”

I replied with the following:

I would argue the latter. They understand the concept of blowback about as well as they understand basic economics. When your ideology trumps the natural order of things and reality, you ignore whatever telltale signs exist that your plans are backfiring.

Consider how hikers are taught to avoid at all costs trapping or backing a wild animal into a corner, where they have no means of escape and will lash out violently to free themselves. The leftist libtards are literally trying to force ordinary Americans into that corner. They have been persecuted them relentlessly, uprooting them from all their institutions where they would otherwise seek “legitimate” means of achieving their ends through the political process. The elite is removing the pretense that there is any hope for Americans to break free.

When the pretense is fully removed, all there will be left is to resort to force.

The elite don’t realize they are creating their own worst enemy, because it sure as hell won’t be the “wow, just wow” cuckservatives and limp-wrist country club Republicans who will eventually form an IRA-style organization and bring about America’s own version of The Troubles. It’s going to be those who know from their own life experience they don’t have any other choice left even if they wanted there to be one.

Remember that Japanese admiral who worried after Pearl Harbor about whether all they had done was merely awaken a sleeping giant? Today’s elite will never achieve even that limited level of self-introspection (they should have considered the consequences of a sneak attack before they dropped the bombs).

Hubris is the beginning of defeat.

Everyone in World War I thought they had the other side figured out – so much confidence in their plans for victory. The Schlieffen Plan would smash the French and have the German Army in Paris. Then 12 million people died and the Germans signed the Versailles Treaty, guaranteeing another war in 20 years.

Napoleon thought he had the Russians when he invaded; after all, he had smashed them at the Battle of Auschwitz. . Germany felt the same in 1941.

The Persians were certain those pesky Spartans wouldn’t pose much of a threat at Thermopylae. And the Muslims thought little of the Franks under Charles Martel.

What say you? You think they blind to the potential consequences of their schemes, or is this all part of a brilliant plan they’ve concocted? Do they know exactly what they’re doing or are they horribly arrogant?

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One Response to Political Hubris

  1. SusanneH says:

    It seems to me that they are creating havoc on purpose. Then when a civil war breaks out, they can instate martial law and other such means of “saving us from ourselves”, and be supreme rulers without having to answer to anyone except whomever has created all this in the first place. I do not think they are are stupid as they seem.

    I have a husband who is a narcissist, and was also tremendously harmed by an extremely clever, evil man. After living 19 years with one, and slowly and painfully uncovering the horrific mind control techniques of the other (who is a licensed counselor, btw), I learned a lot about looking for the reason behind the insane behavior. So I have learned a lot about the type of antics that are going on in government today; most are clearly exactly what my husband and the counselor used to try to manipulate and control me. You’re probably aware of most of the techniques, but some are gaslighting and techniques narcissists and psychopaths use to control and manipulate others.

    I am still wondering as to the ultimate “why” to all of this, however. When my husband used to pick nasty fights with me, then not let go, no matter how ridiculous the reason for the fight, it took me 14 years to figure out that it was all done so I would ask him to leave the house to cool down, and that led to him feeling free to go chain smoke cigarettes for a few hours. He wouldn’t tell me that he was a chain smoker, because he “felt ashamed” of that fact, so instead he was horrifically grumpy and picked fights for 14 years. So now I know the “why” of his incessant grumpiness. But finding the “why” of all this evil clown behavior from the left has yet to be disclosed, I feel.


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