Piers Morgan Actually Says Something Amazing

Lately there has been talk of who will play James Bond now that Daniel Craig won’t be returning, with Spectre being his last. Like almost anything created by or involving white men, there has been a push to get a female Bond or homosexual Bond or a black Bond.

A little background: I grew up on James Bond. To me, Goldeneye 64 is still the greatest first person shooter. Own and have read all the original Ian Fleming novels. I can name the title of every Bond film, the year it came out, who played Bond, and give a concise synopsis and film critique of each. My parents bought me Bond Scene-It! and had to give it away after I thoroughly crushed the second-greatest Bond fans among our family friends in competitions.

With that in mind, the destruction of Bond as a character is nearly complete. As much as I loved Goldeneye the film, there was hints of PC smattered everywhere in it, least of all having Judi Dench play M (Bernard Lee rolls in his grave).

Not only has Bond been stripped of his edginess as envisioned by Fleming, but in the latest novel, he lives with his girlfriend and has a gay best friend.

However, Sir Roger Moore, who played Bond in eight films (For Your Eyes Only was his best) committed a crime against social justice by saying that to change the fictional spy character from a straight white man to anything else would ruin the very idea of James Bond. It is part of his identity.

And, of course, to say that anything straight, white and males, or all three in one, is worth preserving rather than eradicating off the face of the planet, is a punishable offense. He has since been lambasted and castigated for his remarks.

Enter Piers Morgan, the Brit who came to our lovely shores to advocate against our gun rights and got into a tussle with Alex Jones….even he is siding with Moore.

Sir Roger has come under fire for saying that Bond should never be gay, female or black.

His reason?

‘That wasn’t what Ian Fleming wrote. It’s not about being homophobic, or racist, it’s about being true to the character.’

Daniel Craig, the current Bond, disagreed. ‘Anything’s possible, so long as it’s credible and it works.’


I’m with Sir Roger on this. Well, mostly.

I’ve appeared in eight movies over the past few years, most recently in Entourage: The Movie, and like all budding thespians I yearn for more big screen action.

But I know my limitations:

I can’t play Nelson Mandela or Martin Luther King.

Because I’m white, and their racial identity was crucial to their stories.

I’m not going to be Wonder Woman or Mary Poppins.

Because I’m a bloke.


Taken to its logical extension, the only way James Bond can be truly a PC symbol of equality in this modern age is for the character to be morphed into a gay, black female with a disability.

Thus leading to a farcical scene where Goldfinger is compelled to say:

‘Not so fast, Ms Bond, if you don’t mind me calling you that as you sit in your wheelchair.’

No, it’s all nonsense.

For God’s sake let Bond be Bond and let the PC police be damned.

The broken clock is right, and my God, does that clock have a wondrous ring to it. Morgan has now moved down three statist points in my book; that still leaves him with a few hundred to get rid of, though.

First, a British man tells the rape culture propagandists to bugger off, now Morgan is crying foul. Could this actually be a sign of backlash against the social justice narrative? One can only hope.

It calls to mind several memories from my past. One was in kindergarten when my female teacher read a story about how a black girl fought against her school’s racist, sexist Patriarchy (it wasn’t literally called that, but you get the idea) so she could play Peter Pan, an Anglo-Saxon male character. Incidentally, I was put in time-out for mocking the very idea in front of the class.

Cut to 2013, when I was having a conversation with a leftist once about one of the novels I was working on. She then suddenly insisted I needed to write a story about a lesbian black woman.

“Why the hell would I write something like that?” I asked.

“Because we don’t need any more white men in literature. We need it to be more diverse.”

“Then why don’t you write your own damn book?”

If people want to create their own characters that exude such qualities, then fine. Philip Pullman wrote the His Dark Materials book trilogy as an atheistic response to C.S. Lewis’ Christian allegorical Chronicles of Narnia. He didn’t try to take what was already written and lazily coat over something else’s work with his values.

The incessant propaganda campaign piggy backing off the success of well-loved and well-established straight white male characters and then changing them to fit modern progressive values needs to be put down like the mad dog from To Kill a Mockingbird. They’ve already taken over Broadway to the point where every single musical or play being churned out practically makes you gag from the patronizing  PC evangelizing they shove down your throats. Is that not enough?

We straight white men are not trying to turn Glee into Band of Brothers or insisting the next film remake of Shaft have a white guy.

Meanwhile, here’s the great Murray Rothbard, a film critic in his own right, on James Bond.

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5 Responses to Piers Morgan Actually Says Something Amazing

  1. Brian says:

    I grew up watching James Bond also and I thought the franchise had run its course when Daniel Craig took over. I find the no gadgets or gadget cars disappointing as that was what made Bond different from the other spy movies.

    If they invented a new movie franchise with the ideas they have now no one would go see it, which is why they are doing it with Bond so as to cash in from previous loyal fans. Ian Fleming would turn in his grave.

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    • The Question says:

      Yes, Casino Royale was refreshingly original, but that was the last gasp of the franchise. Skyfall was the first Bond film I actually got bored watching and never watched a second time, contrary to its box office results.

      The only direction they can take to keep the franchise from dying is to set them in the Cold War. Then they aren’t constrained. They should use Fleming’s source materials as inspiration but come up with their own plots.

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      • I personally liked Daniel Craig’s Bond, and I think he’s the best after Sean Connery (though Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan were pretty solid in their work as well; The Spy Who Loved Me and Goldeneye are two of my favorite Bonds). I loved Casino Royale and Skyfall (perhaps Casino Royale is “better,” but Skyfall is still astonishingly beautiful and has its own unique and interesting take on Bond). Quantum of Solace was meh, but I think Craig was solid in that.

        That’s why I am looking forward to Spectre.

        And yes, I think Bond should remain a white, heterosexual character. That’s his nature. Making him black would take away from that.


  2. Richard says:

    I agree with completely. I actually did a post about who should be the next James Bond, and mentioned Idris Elba’s chances of Bond. If you want to take a look > https://rwh92.wordpress.com/2015/10/13/who-should-be-the-next-bond/

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    • The Question says:

      “Obviously it would be impossible to have every Bond to look exactly like Carmichael, but surely respect has to be shown to the original material and not to deviate from Fleming’s creation for the sake of showing diversity in Hollywood.”


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