The Battle Hymn of the Dissident

It seems Christopher Cantwell has taken it upon himself to also rewrite songs to fit a political theme. In a recent podcast he’s even contemplating adding a segment “Remind me why I am still a libertarian?”

To be honest I am getting equally frustrated with the situation. But my greatest anger is reserved for those in the liberty movement who either tolerate, ignore, or actually promote the nonsense we hear.

A solution to this problem must be found.

In that spirit, I submit you to another one of my own, though this one isn’t tongue-in-check.

The Battle Hymn of the Dissident

(Based on the song “Take It Down From the Mast!” Video of the actual song down below).
You have sought to destroy our nation’s glory 
You have backstabbed our culture of ol’
And your hands with our heritage are gory
From fulfilling the work of The Foe
Take it down from the mast, all you traitors!
It’s the flag that we true dissidents claim
Time to rid ourselves of collaborators 
For you’ve brought on us nothing but shame.
So leave it to libertarians willing
To defend our rights in war and in peace,
To the dissidents prepared to do the killing
If the state’s many tyrannies don’t cease.
We’ll not be silenced any longer 
The day has come for us to speak up bold 

Of how we’ll eradicate the Marxist infection

And take back all our freedoms that you sold.
You betrayed your people for Judas silver
The country our ancestors proudly made our home
No longer will we sit idly and watch it fall
So get back as we fight on alone.
Across the country we’re fighting on for freedom
For our people who yearn to be free
While you sell out the land of your forefathers
And bow at the feet of your masters in D.C.


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