Social Justice Warriors Are Abusive Parents, Part II

Remember in my previous post how I joked that social justice warrior parents would want to cut off their son’s dick to keep him from becoming a bigoted cis gender male?

Apparently they’re getting pretty damn close to actually doing it. (H/O to Goodbye America).

This mother surprised her 14-year-old little girl gender-confused son with hormone treatment patches, which he recorded as he slapped it on his side.

Oh, and the $21,000 in costs for the puberty-suppressing treatment? All subsidized covered by you, the suckers insurance.

Even if this boy manages to get his head straightened out at some future date, no thanks to his batshit insane looney tunes mother (anyone want to place bets on whether this is yet another single mother household?), this could haunt him forever as he attempts to form some type of relationship with a member of the opposite sex.

The gals can deny it all they want, but we all know the truth; the best indication of the future is the past, and no girl is ever going to get into a relationship with a man who once went over to the dark side of the transgender farce – unless he merely plays the part of the celibate white knight beta orbiter who writes the checks while she enjoys a little something something on the side.

Despite all the bruhaha they make about men “getting in touch with their feminine inside,” any women aware of his botched gender experiment will deeply fear he’ll return to his vomit. No woman wants to have the disgrace of one day finding their man in the bedroom standing en pointe while wearing a ballerina outfit in front of his boyfriend he was secretly seeing behind her back, at which point he renounces his gender once more and makes her question her own perceived value to men.

I love this quote from the mother:

No child would ever choose to be transgender, it is 100% how they are born.”

Which is why you had to get insurance (do we even want to ask if it was the estranged father’s insurance?) to cover the costs of hormone treatment so your son could have his biology artificially altered and the testosterone his body would normally create replaced with estrogen. Seems more like people are born male or female and that’s how they die, regardless of what sections of their body they cut off or rearrange like a Picasso painting.

“We all just want to be loved and accepted by others (and threaten those who don’t with state violence), and that is all I want for my daughter (can’t wait for “her” to try getting pregnant), to be loved and accepted for who she is inside (at least after the estrogen we pump inside him has turned him into a walking Frankenstein monster who commits suicide by age 40).

Cry, my beloved country. These people are a pox on the land.

Another reason why I doom and gloom. The sooner this farce of a state-controlled society falls apart underneath the weight of its sheer stupidity and psychological disorder and  is replaced by a culture with a stable foundation, the better.

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7 Responses to Social Justice Warriors Are Abusive Parents, Part II

  1. Brian says:

    Very disturbing I have to say. Where are these trends heading towards?

    The people who support this are the same kind of people who support mass immigration of Islamic crazies from third world countries that view this as an abomination and would kill the Trans, Gay, Feminists if given half the chance. Their “tolerance” is what will destroy themselves and society.

    Read a few chapters of a book you recommended, “enjoy the decline”, that guy has the right idea I think.


    • The Question says:

      The people who support this are the same kind of people who support mass immigration of Islamic crazies from third world countries that view this as an abomination and would kill the Trans, Gay, Feminists if given half the chance. Their “tolerance” is what will destroy themselves and society.

      The contradictions inherent in the SJWs agenda is absolutely astounding, but only makes sense if you conclude their objective is the destruction of Western Civilization. Then it suddenly makes sense for them to accuse WASPs of raping women left and right to discourage normal male-female relationships, while calling for the importation of people who hail from actual rape culture societies.


      • Brian says:

        I read that article and began looking into other crimes that are being covered up or hidden by the media. Its quite shocking what is happening but no one here hears about these things. The gang rapes in Sweden of a three year old and on a separate occasion a woman working in a centre. Also happening in Italy where vigilante gangs are policing the streets to try keep communities safe. Why aren’t these horrible and increasingly frequent crimes being reported on?

        My own country is being forced to take thousands of economic migrants also and our corrupt leaders will do nothing to stop it because they want on the eu gravy train which is on its way to collapse anyway. Scary times ahead.


      • The Question says:

        Which country are you living in? If you are able to get firearms and don’t have them already, get them. Plenty of Europeaners are doing the same. If not, obtain other weapons (machetes, knives, bows, etc.) you can use to defend yourself.

        The crime stories you read tell you what will await to victims of the current situation. The atrocities will be covered up or ignored. Justice will not be served, and the police will look out for themselves.

        Scary times, indeed. And this might just be the beginning…..


  2. Brian says:

    Hi, I’m in Ireland. Don’t worry about me, I think I might be the only “prepper” around here, haha.

    Although we have some crime problems we don’t have things at THAT level often. When the real bad stuff happens it’s happened a few times where people take the law into their own hands (people forcing rapists out of the country) because the law will give suspended sentences or time off sentences and no protection for communities etc. So hopefully people won’t lay down when it comes here.

    The government keep cutting Garda resources and more people are becoming disillusioned with the corrupt state but nothing will ever change at the top. People just look out for themselves and their kin now and I’ve become the same myself.

    No point in worrying about the inevitable any more, I’m just gonna be as ready as I can be.

    Anyway, I enjoy reading your blogs so keep it up! Slan,


    • The Question says:

      Glad to have a libertarian representative from Erin’s Isle – my mother’s side of the family is third-generation Irish American. Your president just visited my neck of the woods (People’s Republic of Seattle). He’s not quite as radical as Sinn Fein, but he didn’t come here to give a speech promoting the free market, either.

      I think I might be the only “prepper” around here, haha.

      This is too funny. I actually have a post I plan to publish where I’ve taken the lyrics from an Irish rebel song and rewrote them to be about a prepper.

      Slan go foill.


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