Neoreactionary Libertarian

It is important to realize that libertarianism is not, nor is it intended to be, a complete moral theory. Much confusion will be prevented and many possible objections can be summarily deflected if this point is appreciated.

A society built solely on libertarian principles would be just but there can be few libertarians who would see the libertarian principle as the end of a complete human life and not just as the minimal preconditions for such a life.

Much of the resistance to libertarian anarchic proposals stems from a genuine inability on the part of one’s audience to entertain such proposals as serious alternatives to the status quo.

Gerard Casey, Libertarian Anarchy Against the State

Lately there has been the gathering force of dissidents on the Alt. Right that have banded together to create a new political ideology in American politics known as neoreactiony.

In a nutshell, they are the domestic blowback of multiculturalism, egalitarianism, socialism, and communism. They’re a rebellion against the cuckservatives who have backstabbed their own people time and time again. Although neocreactionaries make race a strong focus of their mission, the emphasis, I believe, is actually on culture. When it comes to their politics, it is heavily ethno-centric. Their two top biggest priorities without question are borders and immigration, hence their support for Trump.

Above all else, they hate politically correctness, particularly when it comes to discussion of racial politics, crime stats, connection between genetics and IQs, and biological differences between men and women. Although not all of them hail from the Manosphere, many of the ideas they propagate originated there.

As this ideology has developed, its adherents have taken shots at libertarianism for what they perceive to be major flaws in the philosophy.

This video neatly summarizes their sentiment.

The problem is many of the criticisms made in the video – including the claim libertarians are anti-authority, conflating society with the state, the tired fallacy of calling Ayn Rand a libertarian when she literally created her own ideology, Objectivism – don’t really address libertarianism itself; it’s those who have made a vice a defining aspect of the philosophy or insisted their leftist “thickism” be included as a trademark of it.

One wonders, however, if the video’s creator seems to be saying (I think this is indicative of many neoreactionaries) isn’t that they are opposed to libertarianism itself; what caused them to reject the label are the charlatans, shysters, fakes, and frauds trying to hijack the term and insisting that we add all sorts of additional beliefs on top of the NAP (same-sex marriage acceptance, weed, libertinism, sexual promiscuity). Driven out of the one movement they felt welcome in, they’ve created their own ideology

What’s funny is that he seems to admit as much in the description (emphasis added):

I should note that I don’t hate paleolibertarians/Hoppeans, having identified as one myself just a year or two ago. But ultimately I think socially conservative/race realist ancaps need to realize that once you put retarded methodological individualism aside, a state starts to look A LOT more necessary, particularly as regards the border.

Still, the real target of this video is more the SJWs and autists who have taken over Libertarianism since Ron Paul 2012 failed, and what is now the Alt Right left for greener pastures in reactionary/identitarian politics..

The trouble with this reasoning is that nocreactionaries believe their values and beliefs are mutually exclusive to libertarianism, when they’re not. None of the cultural, social beliefs neoreactionaries hold contradict libertarianism; but they also aren’t distinctly libertarian. Where they go wrong is believing the state can be used to fix the very problems it created. They’re literally accepting what Gerard Casey refers to in Libertarian Anarchy as “the myth of the necessity of the state.”

I’m not opposed to neoreactionary’s ideas as much as the conclusion its adherents have arrived at, chiefly that libertarianism must be abandoned in favor of taking over the state power currently available. They mistakenly believe they must accept leftist ideology if they’re to also accept libertarianism.

What they don’t seem to realize is that people who place weed legalization as the highest political end aren’t libertarians. Open borders to a welfare state is not the libertarian stance. Today’s immigration is not so much about freedom of movement as it is forced integration in order to change the voter demographics. There is nothing libertarian about allowing or tolerating political correctness in society to the point where we have an affirmative action democracy in which candidates who get less votes are “appointed” in order that all ethnic groups are elected “equally.”

Furthermore, the video’s creator expresses attitudes and sentiments that many libertarians like myself agree with; that not all groups equally believe in freedom and this has consequences when you live under the thumb of the state. Because we live in a democracy where our neighbors can deprive us of our rights, we are justified in seeking to limit those allowed into our communities. People who enter your community and take away your rights are invaders.

To any neoreactionary who might read this, I would merely ask that you consider the following words written by a “libertarian” about men like Lew Rockwell and Ron Paul.

The version of libertarianism preached by these people is dying, because it’s the ideology of a dying (and rightfully so) demographic. Whether we let them take the entire movement down with them, or whether we make ourselves relevant to a larger world of people outside a tiny privileged group, is up to us.

In case you missed the subtlety, the “rightfully dying demographic” is white men.

Consider that Ron Paul himself was informed in an open letter that people like him and their religion, their culture, their morals, and their ethnic heritage had no place in the progressive libertarian plans for a glorious metropolitan, cosmopolitan, multicultural, egalitarian libertine world of tomorrow. Not only must they die, but the impending death must be celebrated. The problem is not libertarianism. The problem is the leftist infiltrators and fifth columnists who claim to hold The Truth.

Consider that those who insist you adhere to the NAP actually reject it when it doesn’t conform to The Vision™.

Consider the Faustian deal you’re wanting to make with the state. Consider the dangers history has shown of turning to the state to solve these problems when it is responsible for all of them.

More importantly, consider that the values and beliefs you hold do not require the state because they more or less conform to the natural state of things.

Consider there is nothing contradictory about the idea of a neoreactionary libertarian.

Having said that, I don’t really have much heart for criticizing neo-reactionary supporters because their criticism of libertarianism has little to do with libertarianism.  They’re also not the cause of the problems libertarians face.  I see them as a product of relentless, continuous persecution on the part of cultural Marxists who run the Establishment and are trying to destroy the liberty movement through treachery and deceit.

Neoreactionaries feel as though they’ve tried everything. They voted for the cuckservative candidates who betrayed them and sold out their country and their freedoms for Judas silver. They sought the support of the trad cons in the conservative movement, who instead of holding the line in the culture war spent just as much time telling them to “man up” as they enabled leftist destruction of marriage and the family. Many of them are members of the New Lost Generation. They’re blamed for everything they didn’t do, had no control over, and weren’t responsible for. Or for things that don’t even exist, like rape culture. Their speech is monitored and censored in public. Their race and gender is mocked and ridiculed. For decades they’ve been told they must allow themselves to be politically cuckholded and placate people who hate them and want them dead.

All I can say is when these people form a true nationalist movement in this country, gain power, and start campaigns of violence against their enemies, I won’t condone it or support it, but neither will I shed a tear for many of their victims. Because before it happened I understood why it would happen, and how easily it could have been prevented.

I will be writing a followup post on what I believe to be a possible libertarian solution to our current predicament.

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23 Responses to Neoreactionary Libertarian

  1. Thanks for posting.

    I’ll say that I am not entirely neoreactionary myself. I still have a favorable view of the Enlightenment, favor free immigration (by opposing State immigration restrictions), don’t endorse pure patriarchy (though I think it’s unfairly demonized by feminist fanatics), sympathize with the individualist feminists (though I will never be a true feminist), and think that liberal democracy (as envisioned by the classical liberals) was a fine idea that unfortunately didn’t work in the real world, the world where the State is by nature aggressive.

    Having said that, I am glad to be here. If the Revolution did come, I’d support the Right-Libertarian faction in the Revolution. I admire several left-wing libertarians, like Roderick Long, Sheldon Richman, and Gary Chartier (the scholars), but they are few among the majority of lefty libertarians who have nothing good to offer.


    • The Question says:

      “Having said that, I am glad to be here. If the Revolution did come, I’d support the Right-Libertarian faction in the Revolution.”

      This shows that you and others like you hate the state, which is what matters most. I’ve discovered that labels matter less than a person’s priorities on this matter, which is why some limited government constitutionalists are more radical than some libertarians.

      I too also don’t share all the neoreactonary views (the obsession with race is annoying), but there is a lot of potential in the ideology to bring about change that others have failed to instigate. The problem is, the change can either come voluntarily by having them effect their cultural and social views through libertarianism, it or be rammed down people’s throats through a nationalist political party running the entire country, which is where I see it headed unless things change.

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      • theunbeholden says:

        You can’t effect change through “libertarian” views because libertarians don’t have will to power because muh NAP. You guys barely vote, you don’t sway people because its all facts and no passion, its all singular ethical principles and common sense rather than ideology, its all COPY PASTE for any discussion with any person, of any race, in any society. Its quite literally the SAME THING everytime and it does REQUIRE ignoring race, culture and tradition AND NO a right-wing ethno-nationalist state doesn’t suddenly become left-wing tyranny by majority again since the democracy is FOR white Christian Europeans non-welfare recipients only (we know all the demographics of who isn’t predominately christian so you can’t say that its not possible or muh NAP). Everyone else either gets physically removed, dual citizens get banned or the right to vote under certain circumstances is restricted instituting Epistocracy REQUIRING marriage, minimum of 30 years of age and IQ of 100 to vote! THAT EFFECTIVELY ELIMINATES ALMOST ANY CHANCE OF BEING UNDERMINED MINUS INVASION OR REVOLUTION. It certainly can’t become communist or globalist again without any jews left will it? It didn’t under fascism, and it didn’t under monarchy, and if it does under Alt-Right or Ethno-nationalism then it has the EXACT SAME chance under a libertarian, minarchist or ancap free society. The govt is our friend when its mostly a right-wing representation of the dominant public conscience in either a non-democratic OR non-egalitarian and/or epistocractic ethnically homogeneous society. IN BEFORE MUH NAP!!!


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  7. It is obvious from what i read above that “neoreactionaries” are both collectivists and statists, and should therefore be condemned as harshly as left-liberal statists. It does not matter what culture they like, or what religion, or what lifestyle. The only thing that matters is the only thing that separates the libertarian from the non-libertarian, and that is the initiation of FORCE. Neoreactionaries obviously believe in the use of state force to achieve their ends, and for this very reason that are equally as repugnant and immoral as any leftie. And they are just as deluded, pigheaded and downright retarded (there’s an un-PC word for you) if they believe that they both CAN, without any resistance, and are equipped to run the state monopoly power any better than anybody else. They are believers in the state, in collectivism, in force and in either democracy or tyranny (depending on whether they believe in elections that could hoist them away from power again). It does not matter that some of them may pay lip service to paleo-libertarians like Hoppe, because they reject the ONLY thing that truly defines libertarians: non-aggression.
    They are the enemies of libertarians.

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    • The Question says:

      It is obvious from what i read above that “neoreactionaries” are both collectivists and statists, and should therefore be condemned as harshly as left-liberal statists.

      The problem with this is that the Jeffrey Tuckers of the world are more than willing to condemn them. What I hope to show them is that they’re making a Faustian pact with the state and there is an alternative solution to their problems, which is libertarianism. If they choose to reject it, that is their folly.

      But my condemnation is reserved for those who did everything to make this reactionary movement happen, to give the adherents legitimate reasons for leaving the liberty movement, by telling them they weren’t welcome. Too many Beltway libertarians will point out why their solutions are wrong, and they might be right, but they then go on to say that the problems they’re trying to address don’t exist at all. This is how extremists gain their power, when they are the only one who acknowledges a legitimate grievance.

      What enrages me about PC/left libertarians is that they’re getting exactly what they asked for. They wanted these right-wing types to stay out of the libertarian movement. They said that they must embrace leftist values and accept their moral views. They wrote these open letters condemning anyone who held to these values, told them they weren’t welcome, that their demographic deserved to die out. They told them their problems weren’t real. They showed sympathy for state violence that effects their views and values at the expense of those on the right.

      So those people went and formed their own movement which puts their interests first. What these libertarians didn’t intend, however, is for these reactionaries to actually gain traction and political power.

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  13. 000 says:

    Many NRx types are nearly anarchistic, or have some corporatist-voluntarist equity scheme in mind. To that extent they’re literally just a subvariation on libertarianism. On the other hand, there are very many who think ‘teh government’ – by which they mean the modern state, usually, few of them contemplate alternatives like Hezbollah or the Holy Roman Empire, they just want cops and bureaucratic swine with a Fuhrer – is absolutely necessary, and it may be for their protectionist Cliodynamics nonsense. The worst is their inability to understand Austrian economics, and constantly assigning to it as ideological bias philosophical points beyond their mental ken. Attacking methodological individualism is like making Creationism the basis of your political party.


    • The Question says:

      I think their biggest flaw is their attitude that white people’s problems are caused by other ethnic groups and that if we could just get some sort of ethno-state made of just white people it would rectify the situation. It’s not hard to see what will happen if they get into power one day and try to implement this strategy on a nation-wide level. Putting their trust in the state, or someone wielding state power, to solve our problems will be a disaster.


      • Its not a flaw, its a fucking fact! Its not merely welfare that is a problem! Welfare AND open borders combined exacerbate the problem, THEY ARE BOTH PROBLEMS. Immigrants DO work hard BUT they also work cheap without understanding (due to knowledge and language barriers) or without demanding any workers rights (don’t have the social capital to create or seek workers unions for themselves), then the native workers have no where to go except overseas which many of them can’t go due to cultural, linguistic and economic limitations! Labour mobility is fine and dandy between US states but NOT INTERNATIONALLY. What do you think happens when there is no immigration policy AND no fully funded and staffed customs and border patrol? Then there is no borders & anyone can come into your country, and govt sponsored/owned enterprise (GSE’s), foreign nations & MNC’s can buy up all the food, water, resources, land and telecommunication lines and take it overseas or purposely starve the population by price gouging without a state to regulate foreign corporations & impose trade barriers!

        Monarchy, fascism, authoritarianism generally speaking does little to restrict the freedoms of its peoples and basically kept all the alien elements from taking over society, few taxes or regulations and generally didn’t do anything bad except have courts with arbitrary decision making but inadequate rule of law has been solved over time regardless of what political system we use. The only times where this did not work out is when we converted to democracy, which yes that is something we can all collectively agree on sucks more dicks than a beta male liberals calling them-self libertarianism on national television.. because marxism tends to do that. Also I’m not exactly sure that you’ve really done anything to debunk the claim the libertarianism can provide border security & protectionism (stop international competition from undercutting native workers pay or taking away low-skilled or service oriented middle-class employment), and how it could work to produce a military or a legal system.You engage in the same non-sense the video suggested. Different races and cultures ARE fundamentally different and what do you think is going to happen once they become a majority?


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