Social Justice Warriors Are Abusive Parents

It seems it’s hard to raise your transgendered child to go against the natural order of things, according to this SJW parent. (H/T to Alpha Game).

I have no doubt this could be a brilliant example of trolling…but we live in such a perverted world that it’s hard to tell. Let’s assume, for a moment, it’s true.

It’s one of the scariest things I’ve read, and I’ve read a lot:

I’ve been in such a state of perpetual turmoil ever since giving birth. My child, pronoun “they”, is now 3-years-old. I have been mired in a heinous state of chronic depression because “they” do not want to play with girl’s toys. It destroys me that “they” might be another white CIS male, and another future agent of the patriarchy. That’s just not the type of lifestyle I can support or agree with. “Their” father has also been deeply despondent over our child’s reluctance to conform to our stance and ideals on gender. My husband identifies as gender neutral, and whenever “Xe” (my husbands current pronoun) witnesses our child playing with toy trucks and trains, it triggers “Xer” so hard that “Xe” crumbles into a quivering pile of inconsolable PTSD jitters.

My question is, how can I persuade my child to blossom into the fabulous transgender individual that I know in my heart “they” truly are? All I’ve ever wanted was a trans child, and the fact that “they” seem so drawn to boys toys and refuse to don the lovely dresses I so painstakingly choose for “them” just crushes my soul. What can I do to make “them” understand the harm that they inflict on our family through their identity as a CIS-gendered white male? Please Jane, help us, it’s tearing our family apart.

Remember, gender is a just social construct, but damn it why the hell won’t Bobby let us call “it” Susan? Why won’t “they” play with dolls instead of boy toys? Why won’t “they” wear this beautiful dress I made for “them”? Why do “they” insist on letting the dreaded Patriarchy brainwash them? Ignore that thing between your legs; that’s just patriarchy! We’re scheduling an operation next week. Why don’t you want your dick cut off? You want to grow up to be cis scum, you transophobic bigot!

Or maybe the child is acting instinctively according to his biological nature, even in spite of his batshit insane mentally ill parents who, in a morally sound society, would be locked up in an asylum and neutered.

Gaslighting your son from birth to think he is a girl and harassing him to act like he has female genitalia in order to satisfy your self-centered fraudulent, man-hating ideology is how he ends a socially retarded omega, then pulls an Adam Lanza by putting four bullets into your face, point blank.

This is the textbook example of how to raise a future mass shooter of America, or at least a future voter who can always be trusted to vote for more state control and power.

Thank you, social justice warriors! Whether it’s raising them to believe in the patriarchy and rape culture while molesting them yourself (self-fulfilling prophecy?), punishing them for acting on their hard-wired biology, that boys don’t need a father, or teaching them that they are oppressed by the invisible but all-consuming presence of “white male privilege,” nothing quite says “revolt against nature” like raising your child to believe in an ideology that blatantly contradicts reality, which will inevitably lead them to either rebelling against your teachings or, more likely, supporting state intervention so that reality matches the ideology (which is why certain beliefs and libertarianism will never mix).

To all you who abuse your children in this manner: I just hope if they decide to show their “gratitude” for your screwing them up psychologically (God knows what else goes on behind closed doors in such homes), they at least have the decency to send just you the receipt and not innocent bystanders.

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7 Responses to Social Justice Warriors Are Abusive Parents

  1. Thanks for this post. The Left/PC will probably get more and more degenerate until they bring the world down with them.

    Perhaps, since they are so keen on violence, time is due for a libertarian revolution, as Cantwell as promised. Maybe this “Great War,” as Libertarian Party senatorial candidate Augustus Sol Invictus mentioned in his work, will involve the Libertarians/Conservatives/Americans against the State/PC/Establishment/SJWs.

    Btw, I would love to keep in contact with you (via email). I love your work.


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