He Never Knew His Father!

I tried hard not to laugh at this “men’s activist” who wrote an entire article on how to raise boys and teach them about manhood without using the word “father” once in the entire article. The entire frickin’ article. Not once.

We shouldn’t be too shocked, considering he was raised by a single mother Strong, Independent Woman® who was probably subsidized by welfare paid for by men didn’t need no man to teach her son to be one.

Nowhere mentioned or even discussed is how his father’s absence might have contributed to his own struggles in forming his identity as a man or his concept of manhood. He talks of male mass shooters and male violence. No mention of how 40 percent of children born today are to single mothers, or the number of children living in homes without their father present.

Reminds me of Bruce from Finding Nemo: He never knew his father!

Flip the entire situation around: A woman raised without her mother writes an entire article about how to teach girls about womanhood without mentioning mothers or their role once. Doesn’t mention how her own mother’s absence might have influenced her life for better or worse. Doesn’t mention her in any way. She doesn’t even exist to her.

A little strange, right?

Except in reality we’ve replaced daddy with a government check. For some, this situation is so normal that it’s not even noticeable enough to warrant a mention in an article about raising boys.

But be careful about how you mention this, lest you be accused of misogyny.

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2 Responses to He Never Knew His Father!

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