The Rape of Sweden

According to The Tribune Papers.

“Another area of cultural shock in Western countries with significant Muslim immigration is the crime rate, and especially disproportional sexual crimes against the host country’s women. In Sweden, which does not usually report the nationality of rapists, a just released study by Swedish Police revealed that Muslim men, who constitute only 2 percent of the population are responsible for 77.6 percent of rapes, giving once peaceful Sweden the highest rape rate in Europe and the second highest in the world, next to South Africa.”

Avert your eyes, citizen! Nothing to see here, citizen!

Nothing like this could happen in America! Can’t you see it’s really the WASPs raping women left and right on university campuses? The anonymous, single sourced, later discredited retracted article at Rolling Stone says so! Some mentally ill feminists  have cited a bogus stat based on a flawed study. Yes means yes…..unless they’re from Third World country! Then it means whatever they want, you intolerant fascist! Who are you to force your moral beliefs onto them!

Yes, anyone who thinks that the rape statistics in Sweden has anything to do with their government’s importation of people from the hellholes of the world that view women as either property or second class citizens is a xenophobic, racist, bigoted, prejudiced monster who is afraid of outsiders and clearly is just opposed to non-consensual interracial relationships. We must import these people at all costs, even if it means ignore people who actually share our culture and religion who risk getting deported because they resist state violence. Open borders at all costs!

Glorious multiculturalism, comrades! Today, tomorrow, forever! Diversity is our strength!

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3 Responses to The Rape of Sweden

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