Courtesy of a 2014 study conducted at Washington State University.

The summary summarizes the findings succinctly (bold emphasis added).

Participants in an innovative study of deadly force were more likely to feel threatened in scenarios involving black people. But when it came time to shoot, participants were biased in favor of black suspects, taking longer to pull the trigger against them than against armed white or Hispanic suspects.

The news story itself admits the facts contradict the SJW narrative (bold emphasis added).

The findings surprised Lois James, lead author and assistant research professor at Washington State University Spokane’s Sleep and Performance Research Center. Other, less realistic studies have found people are more willing to think a black person has a gun instead of a tool and will more readily push a “shoot” button against a potentially armed black person.

The findings also run counter to the public perception, heightened with the recent shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., that police are more willing to shoot black suspects. Statistics show that police shoot ethnic and racial minorities disproportionately to their population.

But the last comprehensive look at the racial makeup of justifiable and non-justifiable shootings was a 2001 study (pdf) using more than two decades of U.S. Bureau of Justice data, said James. And while statistics show black suspects are shot at more frequently than white suspects, the 2001 study found black suspects were also as likely to shoot at police as be shot at.

Talk about white privilege;  if we’re going to get shot, it’ll be quicker than others! Perhaps we need a #whitelivesmatter hashtag on Twitter?

Or we should stop pretending racism is the motive behind police brutality or abuse; maybe demilitarize the police and not give them war toys; maybe eliminate pointless laws and enforce only victim-based crimes; maybe remove protections for officers who violate the law via qualified/sovereign immunity; maybe place the responsibility of enforcing property rights and social stability to the communities themselves.

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