Open Border Favoritism

This post from Moonbattery got me thinking: Where the hell were all those open border advocates when the Germany family who came to the United States for religious reasons was initially set for deportation?

Why is there suddenly a dire need to keep the borders open when it involves people whose countries or origin call into question their ability to assimilate into our culture, but we don’t hear a peep when it’s a European Christian family trying to escape their state-run education system?

I’m sure plenty of open border advocates would agree this German family should have been able to stay, but why was there not a huge protest against their treatment, or the fact that they had to apply for asylum?

Consider the situation: A family tries to leave their country in order to practice their religion in America. They enter through customs and apply for asylum through the “proper” channels rather than enter illegally and remain here while taking advantage of the system. But because the feds don’t like their reasons for wanting to leave Germany they plan to deport them and only later change their mind.

Meanwhile, other people cross the border without going through these same channels; they don’t apply for asylum. And yet their plight is treated as damn near sacred. And don’t you dare question their motives or whether or not they’re here to take advantage of the welfare state or whether they want to assimilate and respect the culture of those living there.

Believing we should have open borders is one thing; cheering on or showing preference for the immigration of certain groups over another is another matter entirely. What I observe are priorities, and when this country seems more interested in importing those from Third World countries, which has the potential for unnecessary strife and conflict, rather than those who came here specifically to adopt American cultural values (the right to educate one’s child) it disturbs me.

What it shows are the type of people the State wants to come here, and those it doesn’t. Chances are, our interests should be the opposite of theirs.

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