Irwin Schiff: The Real Deal

Irwin Schiff, the father of Peter Schiff, died several days ago chained to a hospital bed and surrounded by armed guards.*

His crime? Daring to challenge the constitutionality of the federal income tax.

I’ll keep my thoughts concise. A lot of people in the liberty movement, myself included, love to talk about fighting for freedom. We think we’re brave as we write about it (sometimes under aliases, sometimes not). We attend rallies, like Facebook posts, share links on social media. We think we’re doing our part.

Irwin Schiff walked the walk. He didn’t have to go to federal prison and be separated from his loved ones. He could have enjoyed the twilight of his life with his grandchildren and family. Instead he defied an evil empire and the tax gestapo, and for that he had to pay. He had to be made an example of.

Let this thought be seared into your conscious for all time; our political leaders kill, maim, lie, deceive, cheat, swindle, steal, perjure, backstab, denigrate, and destroy; they betray the principles of liberty and freedom, sell our cultural and political heritage for their 30 pieces of silver, then retire to sell copies of their ghostwritten autobiography and get paid thousands in speaking fees.

Meanwhile, an old man dying of terminal cancer was chained to his prison hospital bed in the company of armed men until his dying breath. It was not done unintentionally; it was so that no other would dare mimic him.

War criminals and murderers of the highest order live in luxury financed through the very income tax collection Irwin Schiff refused to be a victim of. He didn’t even try to cheat or deceive; he simply argued he didn’t need to pay.

How many of us would be willing to make that kind of sacrifice? How many?

Irwin Schiff was not only a hero and a great man, but he was the real deal. If the liberty movement was half comprised of men like him, we’d already be fighting a war.

True justice will come to this country when our wise overlords are the ones drawing their last breath shackled to their deathbeds. The day cannot come any sooner.

*Apparently his guards said they were “just following orders” by keeping the handcuffs on him, as they haven’t been given permission to take them off. These are the type of people who shoved the Jews into the gas chambers.

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3 Responses to Irwin Schiff: The Real Deal

  1. D says:

    I bet those same guards salivate whenever you mention ‘American Sniper’.


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