How the Right Helped the Left Sabotage Marriage and Family

The conservative media outlet Daily Signal wants to once again remind you all that marriage was doing fine and dandy until Supreme Court caved into the communists and leftists by allowing same-sex couples to marry.

Paul Kengor, a professor of political science at Grove City College, writes:

For today’s communists, the “LGBT” agenda, especially on marriage, is the hammer and sickle to take down the natural, traditional, biblical, Western/Judeo-Christian model for marriage and family that they have long despised.

I don’t disagree with his assertions about the communists, mind you, but the same charges could be leveled at conservatives and what they have done to the institution of marriage. They didn’t initiate the war against marriage, but they have given ground or enabled those who fight it every step of the way by allowing more and more state intervention.

This same publication that attacks the Left for pushing gay marriage also praises single mothers who deliberately bring children into this world outside of marriage because they didn’t have an abortion. It’s why they only starting challenged state marriage licenses when it no longer reflected their views; and even then some continue to cling to the idea. This is why they will have a hard time defining marriage to you as it currently exists without including the state.

As long as conservatives continue to regard marriage as an institution inextricably linked to the state, as long as they persist in allowing the state authority over martial matters such as divorce, alimony, imputed income, child support/custody, rather than allowing private contracts to address them, they have no moral high ground to stand on when criticizing the Left as it pushes through its own agenda on the family and marriage.

They need to stop acting like an anchor dragged behind the Left and more like a lighthouse firmly planted in their stance regardless of the environment; and that ground has to be the separation of marriage from state control.

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5 Responses to How the Right Helped the Left Sabotage Marriage and Family

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  5. People who cheat on their marriages are the true saboteurs of marriage.


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