U.S. strike “accidentally” blows up hospital

The U.S. bombing of a hospital in Kunduz killed 12 medical staff members and at least 10 patients, three of them children, according to Doctors Without Borders.


But it’s ok, because it was an “accident.” As long as it wasn’t intentional, it’s nothing to worry about it. It’s all part of the plan.

That’s the one thing you can count on with the state and its victims. It is never “murder” when they kill someone. A potential threat was neutralized. Or, in this case, it’s the Clintonian response: “mistakes were made.” Those killed were collateral damage. Our “deepest condolences,” but don’t expect the bombs to stop falling.

Or, the blame shifting begins; they shouldn’t have been standing where they were. Stupid civilians; should have known not to be in a war zone or so close to the state’s enemies. They were probably the enemy disguised. You never know.

The rationalization knows no bounds; the excuses run as long as the Nile River.

Meanwhile, the criminal in chief is taking a sightseeing trip to Oregon as part of his agenda to make it harder for law-abiding decent people to own and keep firearms because one of the products of our failed social, cultural policies blew a gasket and martyred a few of the faithful like it was the first century Roman persecution all over again.

The moral hypocrisy and arrogance of politicians, particularly those in the United States, sometimes manages to amaze even me. Charles Manson has cleaner (and more honest) hands than the current crop of sociopaths residing in the White House.

Perhaps when Obama and the rest of his band of merry murderers cease bombing other countries and withdraw their troops from foreign lands in violation of the Constitution and human decency, then they can perhaps try to lecture us about why we don’t need a semi-automatic rifle because we might kill someone with it.

Even then I’d tell them to go to hell.

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