All Your Kids Are Belong to Us

California to require high schools to learn ‘yes means yes’ sex policy.”

Remember, it’s all about keeping government out of the bedroom, except when you want them to be in the bedroom.

As California goes, so goes the nation; thus, I suspect this will spread like a bad case of the flu to other states until all high schools are teaching kids this shibboleth intended to give the state even more control over our interactions.

Thankfully, parents can still excuse their kids from listening to this nonsense, but how many will except for the proactive and vigilant? And it doesn’t just affect your kids. Your child may avoid such brainwashing, but the person they date may not. All it takes is one poorly timed spontaneous kiss and suddenly your son is facing sexual assault charges for not asking the girl first.

And, of course, she will despise him if he asks first before kissing because women want men, at least those they are attracted to, to take initiative and assert themselves (how many romantic novels have the burly Neanderthal politely asking permission to rip the lady’s dress apart?). If he just doesn’t bother either way because it’s too much of a hassle, she will go home and cry herself to sleep thinking “why are men today so unromantic? Why won’t he man up and kiss me like a man?”

And when the boys complain about the law, of course, we’ll have more Reason magazine articles informing us that they really just hate women.

Another motivation not to have kids.

The irony is that in recent times we’ve seen a wave of teachers being caught in sexual relationships with their students. Nevermind the age or authority issues at hand; did the student verbally consent? What about presidents caught having affairs? Did their lovers verbally consent?

Seeing as this is happening in California, when are they going to harass Hollywood into making films that demonstrate verbal consent? After all, who can forget all those romantic moments in films like Casablanca and Gone With the Wind where affirmative verbal consent was freely given and obtained before any kind of physical intimacy? Such memorable lines like “Here’s looking at you kid…and waiting for you to verbally consent by saying ‘yes’ to everything I do.” We all know Bogey never kissed Lauren Bacall (or she kiss him) without first receiving a formal invitation to do so.

It’s amazing this idiocy gets anywhere. But that’s what happens when you have mentally ill people running the asylum. Make no mistake; this is not a simple matter of good intentions gone awry. This is not being done to stop rape or sexual assault. Do you actually think any of the lawmakers who passed this policy practice what they preach in their own lives?

It is intentionally done to inflict harm on innocent people and give the state authority necessary to effect The Vision™ they have for society in which certain groups of people live under a constant environment of fear and uncertainty.

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