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Political Hubris

Something about the Establishment that makes me chuckle is their political hubris; or, if you prefer, Doug Casey’s concept of stupidity, the tendency toward self-destruction. Having done their best to turn America into a giant Balkans, they’re then concerned that … Continue reading

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Why We Can’t Have Open Borders: Immigration and Welfare

If your hands are in my wallet you have my attention. Thus speaks Stefan Molyneux (5:22) as he goes through the latest statistics on welfare usage between native-born Americans and immigrants. Without revealing what should be obvious to most, this is … Continue reading

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Piers Morgan Actually Says Something Amazing

Lately there has been talk of who will play James Bond now that Daniel Craig won’t be returning, with Spectre being his last. Like almost anything created by or involving white men, there has been a push to get a female … Continue reading

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The Battle Hymn of the Dissident

It seems Christopher Cantwell has taken it upon himself to also rewrite songs to fit a political theme. In a recent podcast he’s even contemplating adding a segment “Remind me why I am still a libertarian?” To be honest I am getting … Continue reading

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Social Justice Warriors Are Abusive Parents, Part II

Remember in my previous post how I joked that social justice warrior parents would want to cut off their son’s dick to keep him from becoming a bigoted cis gender male? Apparently they’re getting pretty damn close to actually doing … Continue reading

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Neoreactionary Libertarian

It is important to realize that libertarianism is not, nor is it intended to be, a complete moral theory. Much confusion will be prevented and many possible objections can be summarily deflected if this point is appreciated. A society built … Continue reading

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Social Justice Warriors Are Abusive Parents

It seems it’s hard to raise your transgendered child to go against the natural order of things, according to this SJW parent. (H/T to Alpha Game). I have no doubt this could be a brilliant example of trolling…but we live … Continue reading

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