Libertarian Republic Goes Full Retard

The latest travesty from the Libertarian Republic, “6 Reasons Why the Non-Aggression Principle is Stupid,” should settle the question in anyone’s mind about how “libertarian” that site is.

Apparently they think the NAP includes the right to “starve children” and pollute other people’s property, that the NAP prohibits people from causing “hurt feelings,” and that aiming a gun at someone doesn’t constitute coercion.

One might as well wake up to find the Communist Party writing articles on why the labor theory of value is stupid, or a feminist arguing why the idea that women are in any way superior equal to men is stupid. Or ISIS putting out propaganda about why the Five Pillars of Islam and Sharia Law is stupid.

Apparently I thought libertarianism was all about objective rights. Silly me; we’re really supposed to let state priests administer rights.

We shouldn’t be too surprised, though, as the article was a follow-up of Matt Zwolinski’s “Six Reasons Libertarians Should Reject the Non Aggression Principe.” The same guy’s written articles promoting the idea of a basic income guarantee.

My suspicions have been fully vindicated. Never go full retard. Just don’t do it.

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6 Responses to Libertarian Republic Goes Full Retard

  1. mattwilson32 says:

    This article (the libertarian republic’s, not yours), is puzzling to say the least. Does he really think that the NAP is the only guiding libertarian principle? Self – ownership plays no role? There is no room for any other stand alone moral code? No internal checks and balances that drive rational people to make rational decisions? He’s basically painting libertarians as sociopaths.

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    • The Question says:

      You should read other writings from that site or check other posts I’ve done on them. It really is that bad. They have no clue what they are talking about. The publisher was on the Tom Woods Show a while ago and made a fool of himself.

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  2. enlighten01 says:

    Another dolt who thinks we all need some emperor of libertarianism to tell us what is moral or not. Who attempts to limp individuals into a collective as if we all must be or do _______. I could go on but, (full retard) pretty much nails it.

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  4. Anarcho Mama says:

    Whoa, what is libertarianism if not the principle of non-aggression and a recognition of self-ownership? Well, shit…now I have to go figure out what I am all over again! 😉


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