Is the Pope Catholic?

Thomas DiLorenzo writes at

Pope Francis made no mention of Jesus Christ in his speech to Congress; he reserved his praise for the real “god” of the American state, “Father” Abraham Lincoln.

Pope Francis is the kind of man who turns the rhetorical question”Is the pope Catholic?” into a serious one. He’s a spiritual leader who waxes ignorantly on economics and politics rather than preach the actual Gospel; his solutions to moral problems are utterly intertwined with the state.

On a related note, pre-Vatican II Roman Catholic traditionalist Andrew Napolitano all but calls him a “false prophet.” Somewhere, you have to know Martin Luther is smiling, calling to mind #82 and #86 of his 95 Theses:

Why does not the pope liberate everyone from purgatory for the sake of love (a most holy thing) and because of the supreme necessity of their souls? This would be morally the best of all reasons.

Again: since the pope’s income to-day is larger than that of the wealthiest of wealthy men, why does he not build this one church of St. Peter with his own money, rather than with the money of indigent believers?

Put into modern context, why does not the pope sell off all the incredible wealth of the Roman Catholic Church, or just that contained in the Vatican, and give it to the poor and needy, rather than demand state violence be brought down upon the faithful in order to expropriate wealth to finance wars of aggression against the faithful oversea and threaten death if they do not submit?

If there was a Libertarian Theses, it would be this:

He who gives to the poor and the needy of his own free will and from his own coffers does a better deed than the man surrounded by vast wealth and residing in his own private city who pontificates in front of a bunch of lying, murdering sociopathic heathen living off the stolen wealth of others about the virtue of state coercion and aggression against the innocent.

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