Conservatives: Draft Our Daughters, Too!

The Daily Signal is the mouthpiece of the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank. Recently it published a column written by a former female U.S. Army helicopter pilot titled “No More Double Standards for Woman in the Military.”

At first, I thought it was calling for equal physical fitness standards. Silly me. Instead, it is calling for us to require women to register for the draft, too.

As a society that celebrates equality, we can’t undermine the meaning and advances that have been made throughout our history by accepting selective equality. We can’t pick and choose when we want things between men and women to be equal. Women are now on the brink of serving in ground combat jobs. They have been critical for success on the battlefield. It’s time that they share the responsibly of protecting our nation if the time comes.

As Tom Woods sarcastically remarked on feminist obsession with equality in the military: Hooray for equality! Now we can all slaughter foreigners together, as equals! Ah, sweet equality. Now I, too, may be suckered by lies and propaganda into joining the front lines against impoverished people who are no threat to me. Long live equality!

Add to that: Hooray for equality. Now American fathers and mothers will have the joy of seeing their daughters kidnapped at gunpoint and forced to brutally kill and die on behalf of our wise overlords in D.C. – just like their sons. Then they too can return to an indifferent country that shows little concern for their troubles as they commit suicide at a higher rate than die on the battlefield.

Onward, equality soldiers!

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