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What is Libertarianism Without the Non-Aggression Principle?

In a follow-up to my previous post on the Libertarian Republic taking a giant crap on the NAP, a simple retort to them could be this: So what should we replace NAP with as the guiding principle of libertarianism? Notice the writer doesn’t provide one. … Continue reading

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Libertarian Republic Goes Full Retard

The latest travesty from the Libertarian Republic, “6 Reasons Why the Non-Aggression Principle is Stupid,” should settle the question in anyone’s mind about how “libertarian” that site is. Apparently they think the NAP includes the right to “starve children” and pollute other people’s … Continue reading

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Misandry over Reason

In Reason magzine’s “Why So Many Men Who Hate Women Love Limited Government,” we’re treated to a predictable, yet ambiguous and vague piece about men going their own way (MGTOW) and Men’s Rights Activists (MRA) that doesn’t link to a single … Continue reading

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Is the Pope Catholic?

Thomas DiLorenzo writes at Pope Francis made no mention of Jesus Christ in his speech to Congress; he reserved his praise for the real “god” of the American state, “Father” Abraham Lincoln. Pope Francis is the kind of man … Continue reading

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Replacing hubby/daddy with a government check

This piece over at the Atlantic “Why Being a Poor Kid in America Is Particularly Awful” by Ogla Khazan is a particularly fine example of an argument for subsiding a social phenomenon in the hopes that alleviating the symptoms will discourage … Continue reading

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How State Priests Administer Rights

Libertarianism holds that a person’s rights are objective (‘A’ is ‘A’), whereas all other political ideologies hold that these rights are subjective (‘A’ is what I say ‘A’ is).  I’m planning on creating a page or posts on the Principles of Anarchism … Continue reading

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True Compassion

Free Northerner has a great proposal concerning the refugee (and immigration) crisis; those who claim to care so much about their plight can put their money where their mouth is by sponsoring them. In other words, agreeing to assume the financial costs of … Continue reading

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