Presidential Campaigns Are The Jerry Springer Show of Politics

Dear America: For the love of God, could you please stop carrying on as though the presidential debates – or the race itself – is something we should take seriously.

I couldn’t watch the debate the other night. My Irish/German/Italian liver, as iron-clad as it is, couldn’t handle the amount of booze necessary to recover from the onslaught of juvenile bickering and petty disputes. It’s not that they aren’t fun, but that people  think it is worth bickering over.

It’s the Jerry Springer of politics, with the diva prattling one might find in an overblown high school homecoming contest.

Did anyone ever expect an intelligent discussion during the debate? Does anyone think the moderators are trying to inject some thoughtful examination of our foreign policy instead of focusing on gossip girl-worthy drama?

Now my social media and news feed are crammed with stories hanging on every word that comes out of the candidates’ mouths.

Yes, I found Trump’s reply to Megyn Kelly’s stupid question about his previous remarks women hilarious (have you seen Trump’s wife?).

Yes, Chris Christie is a blowhard who needed to be put in his place. But I refuse to put a shred of emotional investment into anything that occurs, because regardless of who enters the Oval Office in 2017, nothing of worth will change.

Even libertarians seem susceptible to this nation-wide festival of fools which, from my perspective, is baffling. It’s worse when they get into arguments with each other about who did better or whether or not a candidate is anti-establishment enough.

Here’s the thing people need to get into their thick skulls: Whatever may come November 2016, I promise you the following will be true:

  • The IRS won’t be shut down and we’ll still pay the income tax.
  • The Federal Reserve will still print paper notes.
  • We’ll still have military bases overseas and a State Department meddle in Third World countries.
  • The Department of Education will still micromanage the smallest details of what goes on in the classroom.
  • We’ll still be spied on by the NSA.
  • Title IX will continue to wreck havoc on college campuses by establishing show trials for students accused of sexual assault.
  • More and more of our freedoms will be taken away by regulations and decrees.
  • The national debt will increase.
  • The cost of living will rise, the value of the dollar will decrease, the standard of living will drop, and the politics of the nation will move closer to authoritarianism.
  • Our culture will continue its long, protracted death spiral.

Instead of wasting our time trying to decide who’s going to get the blame when there’s another economic collapse, libertarians should be preparing themselves for what they’re going to do when that day comes.

As Ron Paul himself has stated before, even if he were elected president, there is only so much he could do. The powers that be would not stand idle and let him, or anyone else, take away their positions of power without a fight. There are plenty of solutions I’m willing to consider. Getting the “right” person elected president is not, and libertarians should have figured this out during the last presidential campaign when Ron Paul was maltreated by his own party.

The entire spectacle reminds of me one of Macbeth’s many soliloquies:

Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player,
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,
And then is heard no more. It is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.

I’m sitting back and watching the show. You should, too. But don’t think for a second any of it is going to change a thing.

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