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The Rise of the Dissidents

By now I’m certain you are all weary of hearing about presidential race, and I’m not terribly interested in it for reasons I’ve already stated several times. It’s been fascinating to watch how the liberty movement has responded to the … Continue reading

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How A Political Leader’s Looks Help Determine How They’re Remembered

As I’ve been studying history I can’t help wonder why some leaders are reviled intensely, while others elicit little emotion, despite similarly appalling actions. American history also has this phenomenon, where some presidents are hated for doing the same thing beloved … Continue reading

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The Stateless Society of Kowloon

Recently I came across this article about the Kowloon Walled City, a section of Hong Kong that remained in Chinese hands after a treaty gave the British control of the city until 2000. What struck me as I read further … Continue reading

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The Libertarian Case For No One As President

Walter Block, the imperturbable advocate of libertarianism, victim of New York Times misquoting,  has thrown his support to Rand Paul. One part of his article I found to be most effective and persuasive for why a libertarian should vote for Rand in … Continue reading

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Would You Like Some Freedom With That Revolution Of Yours?

A while back I had a brief exchange with Jacobus Paine* on my post about armed revolts. Since then I’ve been thinking over the topic and felt the need to elaborate further on it. I am of the opinion that … Continue reading

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The Reasons Behind Trump’s Popularity

A recent CNN poll shows that despite mouthing off at just about everybody he finds in front of him, Trump continues to gain support. Why? And why should I, a libertarian who thinks the presidential race is a futile endeavor … Continue reading

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One Nation, Indivisible (And Bonded By Cannon Fire and Death)

Following the recent non-event over the Confederate flag, I finally buckled underneath my undying curiosity and watched Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln film. Mainly, I wanted to see how they would portray our 16th president and the politics of the time. Production wise, … Continue reading

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