Why a Libertarian Supports (And Doesn’t) Donald Trump’s Presidential Candidacy

That has to be one of the weirdest post titles you’ll come across on this topic. And seemingly contradictory. How can a libertarian possibly support in any way a crony capitalist, flip-flopper, gun control advocate, and former Hillary Clinton supporting liberal?

It’s not quite what you think.

Recall my post a while back in which I preferred to be ruled by president, or leader, who had balls, that sense of fearlessness instead of a sniveling weasel. That came to mind as I’ve watched Trump duke it out not just with the mainstream media, but other Republican presidential candidates.

Let me make this clear: My support is purely rhetorical and only concerns the damage he’s causing to the system. I’m obviously not lifting a finger to help him, donate a penny, and even though I don’t vote anymore, if I did wouldn’t consider voting for him (for reasons I’ll get to later).

Trump is no doubt not a wonderful human being. Nobody seriously disputes that. But in terms of showing how ridiculous the presidential race has become and destroying any perceived respectability it may have had, is he not wonderful? He’s acting like a bull in a China closet that libertarians would love to see smashed. As one writer remarked, “Trump ^%&*@ with the status quo, and the %$^&*$# is good.”

Meanwhile, any candidate who gets into a spat with him loses ground.

There’s a reason some Republican candidates won’t touch him.

For me, it’s like watching WWF Smackdown, only to see a real wrestler come in and start dominating, while the rest complain that he isn’t pretending anymore.

A rule breaker. That’s what he is and what he’s doing. There’s a whole bunch of unspoken rules for presidential races. You’re not supposed to say certain things. You’re not supposed to talk about certain issues. You’re supposed to pay homage to certain people. When you offend certain groups, you’re supposed to apologize and grovel at their feet.

All the other candidates have worked hard to placate the right groups and not offend others. They walk the fine line “necessary” to win the votes.

Trump just opens his big, fat mouth, to the horror of all “D.C. elitists” everywhere. The media goes after him. The establishment candidates go after him. Even companies go after him. Yet it doesn’t faze him.

And none of it hurts his polling.


Source, Daily Consult

Starting to see why they’re worried?

I do not want Trump as president (or anyone else, obviously). Yet I appreciate the unapologetic manner in which he campaigns. He just doesn’t care, nor does he “respect” the race. Why should he?

Everyone who hates Trump’s candidacy whines about how it makes a mockery of the process. No, he exposes how absurd it is. The entire thing is a sham.

I hope Trump sticks it out until the end, if for no other reason than to amuse people like me who relish the panic-driven news stories being churned out in the hopes of squashing his chances.

What these people don’t seem to realize is that the more they hate on Trump, the more appealing he is to regular Joe Schmoe American. Joe Schmoe may not particularly like Trump, but the enemy of his enemy is his friend, and so when he sees the same media shoving leftist propaganda down his throat everyday hysterically attacking Trump, their sympathy for a billionaire who makes more in a day than they will in a decade goes up.

Now, as a former mainstream conservative I’ll give my short assessment of why he’s gaining support.

He is appealing directly to the average American’s big concerns. Securing the border. Showing respect to active service troops and veterans (while not necessarily getting involved in foreign wars). Stemming illegal immigration. These are very big topics for Middle America – and no mainstream candidate speaks candidly on them.

Like me, you may not agree with all these views. But few candidates have the nerve to bring them up the way he does.

This something that people do not get, and I don’t get how they don’t get it. The key to Trump’s success is that rather than insulting Middle America or apologizing for them to outsiders, he is speaking as though he is listening to what they have to say.

How sad is it that an East Coast billionaire figured out how to speak the native language of the common man?

Again, let me repeat myself; I don’t buy the act. But Republicans have been so pitiful in this regard, so spineless, that the average right-winger conservative type is starved for anything that even remotely resembles something pro-American.

Here’s where we get to the interesting part – why I don’t want Trump to be president. In fact, it is imperative he doesn’t become president.


Because chances are, there will be an economic collapse or recession or something like that during the next president’s term. Doesn’t matter that the causes for it were around far before they took office. They will get the blame.

It also doesn’t matter that Trump is in no way a far-right, free market advocate but a big-government nationalist two inches on the political scale away from the Bushes and Clintons.

He’s a businessman. That’s all people are going to think of when the stock market crashes.

If Trump becomes president, and there is an economic collapse, the free market will get blamed. It may get blamed anyways, but it will be much easier to pin the blame on the free market or capitalism if a businessman is president. It’s symbolic, and symbolism is very effective.

He can’t become president. But I’m going to sit back and enjoy the show while it lasts.

What about you?

*On a related note, I’m going to be writing a follow-up post about Middle America and why treating them with contempt – as even some “libertarians” do – could bring a very bad domestic blowback.

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11 Responses to Why a Libertarian Supports (And Doesn’t) Donald Trump’s Presidential Candidacy

  1. Anybody that either speaks frankly, or appears to do so, can get a movement or big support behind him (pre-election Obama, Ron Paul, Donald Trump) because many people – maybe most – are sick and tired of professional politicians blowing smoke up their behinds and trying to be kind and friendly to all. They would prefer someone telling it like it is (even if they don’t really like hearing it) over someone who so obviously is a liar and a fraud.
    And that is why Rand Paul is flopping so miserably. He twists and turns more than a pretzel in order to be appealing to most people. Nobody is buying the act, and rightfully so.


    • The Question says:

      But wait, I thought Rand’s approach was all about practicality. Wasn’t he supposed to be able to get the political results that his father couldn’t get because he was too focused on the philosophy and not working within the system…..


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