Abortion: Final Refuge of the White Supremacist

I have found little desire to comment on the recent blowup over videos showing Planned Parenthood officials selling body parts of the murdered unborn. It’s akin to someone showing me a video of a soldier shooting someone and then saying, “Can you believe soldiers actually kill people?”

Why should it surprise anyone this is going on? Why?

Rather than talk about that, let me tell you something else, something I’ve noticed over many a conversation with many people – white people, that is.

Beneath all the abortion advocacy, buried underneath all the rhetoric about a woman’s “right to choose,” hidden behind the facade of “keeping the government out of the bedroom,” is the desire to use abortion to keep the black population down.

It may offend some I make the claim.

Don’t care one bit. It’s true, and we all know it. I’ve had too many conversations with pro-choice white people who inevitably get around to saying something along the lines of “we need to keep the number of welfare recipients down, and this is the way to do it.”

What do you think they mean when they refer to “welfare recipients?” I’m not stupid. The tone they use is always different when it’s only white people in the room.

Back in my college days, we watched a documentary on abortion in one class. I went to a state university in a rural town. Most of the students were white. Almost all the women in the documentary advocating or trying to get an abortion, were from the Deep South. And white, they were not.

When the professor asked students what they thought, the pro-abortion students all agreed that it was needed to reduce or limit the number of poor people on welfare.

Now some of you will point out they never used the word “black.” As if they’re going to say outright that we need abortion to limit the number of black people. It’s code. Everyone “knows” what they mean. It’s a form of implicit social etiquette, as well as plausible deniability. You can’t accuse someone of saying something they didn’t actually say.

Consider that Planned Parenthood’s founder, Margaret Sanger, open eugenicist and racist, opened clinics in the South to reduce the black population. Consider that although blacks are around 16 percent of the population, black women make up around 30 percent of the abortions performed.

If you’re the head of the KKK or some white supremacist group, and your objective is to keep black people down and powerless, what would you think of these statistics? In other words, would you see Planned Parenthood’s aborting black children as an adjunct to your mission, or an impediment?

We all know the answer to that.

What’s funny is that the abortion advocate types tend to fall within the Social Justice Warrior (SJW) crowd. They’re all about racial equality and pay lip service to the plight of minorities. They trip over themselves not to say anything remote offensive in any way. But get them on the topic of abortion, and suddenly the stats I just mentioned above have no effect on them.

The looks on their faces is priceless, as if to chastise me for not going along with the charade. You’re supposed to know why abortion is necessary. It’s uncouth to try to force someone to state it outright, like we’re all in on the big secret together.

Yeah, to hell with that.

Abortion advocacy is one of the few culturally acceptable places for a white person to espouse their white supremacy beliefs without losing their job and being social ostracized. That, and the birth control/population limit evangelicals who, coincidentally, focus their efforts on areas like African and other non-white regions.

I find the whole situation, in terms of how we prioritize morality concerning race, comical in an Orwellian way. We think some redneck white supremacist waving a Confederate flag outside his trashy trailer home in the middle of Nowhere, USA next to his three broken down cars and rusty refrigerator to be the most despicable human being in the world – even though he hasn’t harmed a soul and probably won’t. His racism is because he wants to blame others for things going wrong in his life that were entirely his fault.

Meanwhile, a rich white woman can calmly, even lightheartedly, negotiate the sale of a murdered black child’s body parts, something that might have caused a good chunk of even antebellum slave owners to wretch in disgust, and the SJWs that screamed about the Confederate flag being racist and needed to come down rush to her defense.

One wonders a few generations from now what people will think of such episodes like this.

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