Why Narcissists Hate Libertarianism

Just like sociopaths, narcissists hate libertarianism, though they do so for separate, albeit related, reasons.

Whereas a sociopath possesses as a god-like attitude towards everything (what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine, as well) and believes morality is based on what’s best for them, a narcissist uses the state violence and intervention to cover up personal failings, miseries, and inadequacies.

Think of the kid on the high school baseball team who’d prefer the college-bound pitcher break his arm or fail so that he himself feels better for not making varsity. Or the kid who favors the grading curve when he’s struggling in the class but then protests the genius that throws it off for him.

In How to Deal with Narcissists, author Michael Trust includes writes the following (emphasis added).

Dr. M. Scott Peck wrote in People of the Lie that evil was “[t]he exercise of political power—that is, the imposition of one’s will upon others by overt or covert coercion, in order to avoid… spiritual growth,” and that evil was often rooted in narcissism. Narcissists expect everyone else to sacrifice and stifle their own accomplishments and ability, so that the narcissist’s insecurity will not bother them as much. You see this with leftism everywhere. Where others are rich, the leftist expects to be allowed to take their wealth through government fiat, so they won’t be so rich in comparison to the leftist. Where others can defend their families, the leftist expects them to weaken themselves by surrendering their weapons, so the leftist will not feel so inferior and impotent in that regard. The leftist is unable to confront a reality where they are not dominant and superior, so they seek to use government to force others to lessen themselves. Rather than focus on their own growth and development of their own self-sufficiency, the leftist seeks to have government steal the accomplishments, and suppress the self-sufficiency of others, on their behalf.

What you see is projection; projection of insecurity and failure. Trust’s theory for the cause of narcissism in people aside (he blames it on a malfunctioning section of the brain), those who advocate for state violence as a solution, even when voluntary alternatives are available, showcases these symptoms.

This line really affected me: Narcissists expect everyone else to sacrifice and stifle their own accomplishments and ability, so that the narcissist’s insecurity will not bother them as much.

How many times do we encounter this mentality subtly disguised within the context of a political discussion? We see this in the form of gender and racial quotes for employment, quotas for the military, quotes for government contract work. We see this in Title IX that punishes men’s sports. We see them lowering physical standards at military boot camps, educational standards in the state-run school systems. It’s why businesses will use regulations to stifle their rivals, who would otherwise be able to outcompete them in a free market.

In fact, if you look carefully, you can see this almost everywhere.

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8 Responses to Why Narcissists Hate Libertarianism

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  3. Martin says:

    This post should be titled “Why I Believe Narcissists Should Hate Libertarianism”.

    The underlying problem is the one you’re leaving out of your purely opinion-based piece: Libertarianism *is* political narcissism.

    Of course, if you’re basing your views on parotting Michael Trust, then you will of course magically arrive at the same “logical conclusions” he arrives at. Nevermind that his let’s call it “reasoning” is based on unwarranted preconceptions.


    • The Question says:

      The underlying problem is the one you’re leaving out of your purely opinion-based piece: Libertarianism *is* political narcissism.

      If “political narcissism” is defined as “the opposition to coercion and aggression against yourself and others,” then yes. If that is the case, then I am a proud narcissist.

      Except that’s not what narcissism is. Narcissists are perfectly content with the prevailing political ideologies that give them moral cover to violate the rights of others as a way of coping with their own insecurities. Why you think they’d prefer a philosophy which restricts their behavior is beyond my comprehension.


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  5. BC says:

    Yup, libertarianism fits very well with narcissism because it provides a framework for thinking only of oneself. It allows narcissists to claim moral superiority while at the same time being solely concerned with themselves and their own interests.


    • The Question says:

      Libertarianism at its core requires adherents acknowledge the rights of others and creates self-imposed limits on what libertarians are ethically allowed to do toward people who do things they don’t like. Its very core principle is about thinking of others and according them the same rights as you do yourself.

      Phrases like “being solely concerned with themselves and their own interests” really means “putting their rights before my envious desire for their stuff.”


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