Cato Doesn’t Get It

While South Carolina removes the Confederate flag, the crypto-libertarian Cato Institute has gone into full PR mode, posting numerous articles and videos on their social media accounts on why libertarians should condemn the Confederacy.

They really just don’t get it.

Nobody – especially libertarians – is defending the Confederacy. This isn’t about why South Carolina and other states wanted to leave the Union. It’s about why the North decided to invade, which had nothing to do with abolishing slavery (hence why some slave states fought on the Union side), and the consequences that has had on America ever since.

When is Cato going to put out an article on why libertarians shouldn’t support the Union? When are they going to put out articles condemning the actions taken by Lincoln during the war instead of calling him a “good American” or defending his unconstitutional behavior? When are they going to stop straining the gnat while swallowing the camel concerning the actions taken by both sides during secession and the Civil War?

I’m not holding my breath.

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5 Responses to Cato Doesn’t Get It

  1. Cato has dreams of being acceptable to “polite society” as Tom Woods would say. So of course they are going to rant against what is deemed “racist” by so many people. At the same time, opposing the Union would make polite society scoff; not good for a group that is trying to be accepted.


    • The Question says:

      Which is sad; I listened to their home university course while commuting a few years back, and it was one of the best series I ever heard, but then again it was from the 1980s. Equally saddening is that often they get it right, but one wonders if they would quickly change their view on those issues as well if it became as unpopular in D.C.


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