American Evangelicals Need to Stop Bleeding Blue

Ben at The Great Fiction made a very intriguing connection in a recent post concerning the Oregon bakers sued for refusing to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding. Specifically, that this kind of Orwellian behavior would not possible in a country that didn’t also have a police state to back up such nonsensical decrees. Yet, American Christians, at least from both his and my own personal experience, tend to be very pro-police, the “law and order” types who are quick to sympathize with officers whenever there is a controversy over their conduct.

As Ben points out in his article, when there is an accusation of police brutality, they will retort “don’t commit the crime, then.”

He writes (bold emphasis added).

Conservative Christians in particular are concerned about where the Supreme Court’s recent decision on gay marriage and precedents like this in Oregon will eventually lead. Given the current political and social environment, this concern is substantially warranted.

But this scenario has created another problem for conservatives, one of a logical nature. Throughout the recent rash of police brutality, or at least the rash of reporting on it, conservatives have ceaselessly taken the side of law enforcement. Much of this has taken a particularly self-righteous and condescending tone as conservatives have derided the recipients of police violence as incorrigible law-breakers. Many a time has a smug Gene Wilder appeared in my Facebook feed, asking if those offended by police behavior have tried not breaking the law.

Irony abounds.

The takeaway from this is that American Christians really need to get it into their heads that the police are the ones who are going to enforce laws like this, so this whole “law and order” attitude that favors the police even when they resemble paramilitaries needs to cease. The same cops who attack rioters or stand atop armored vehicles with automatic weapons and act like invading armies may one day drive those same vehicles up to their doorsteps to take away their children for teaching them religious beliefs contrary to the dogma decreed by our wise overlords.

As the saying goes, be careful what you wish for.

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One Response to American Evangelicals Need to Stop Bleeding Blue

  1. Joseph Robertson says:

    Thank you Sir for this article. In a Social Media Sea of chatter you bring an idea of logic and sanity to the table.

    [The Question: Thank you, and welcome!]


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