Mighty Watchtower or Dragging Anchor?

This Facebook comment by Tom Woods’ got me thinking about modern conservatism.

I’d say 65% of conservatives, and 90% of conservatives under 30, are now officially to the left of Adlai Stevenson. What’s more, they cannot fathom that anyone to their right could conceivably have an argument. The French Revolution is officially complete.

The word conservative implies something is being conserved. What is that, specifically?What do they stand for? What positions do they hold? Did they hold those stances 20 years ago? How have they changed? Why?

If two conservatives, one from 1930 and one from 2015, met in a bar, would they refer to the other as a conservative?

Here we see the trouble with the modern conservatism movement. Rather than act as a watchtower or lighthouse and remained fixed to a specific stance, it is an anchor dragged by the progressivism ship; because of this, their political stance will always be a short distance behind where the progressives were shortly before.

There is the old saying that conservatives and liberals switch sides after the revolution. Fred Reed once remarked how in his youth he was labeled a liberal and a communist for his belief that everyone should be treated the same, but today is seen as conservative and racist for holding those same beliefs.

Labels and names meaning nothing compared to ideals. What a person describes themselves as isn’t important; what they believe and value tells you everything you need to know.

A rose is a rose by any other name. The same with anyone who claims to be a conservative but few decades ago would have been voting to the left on every issue.

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2 Responses to Mighty Watchtower or Dragging Anchor?

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