Licensing all Marriages Equally

Rejoice, comrades!

Our modern day ephors have issued their ex cathedra pronouncement on our freedom to marry, a freedom that comes from the state! Now all Americans have the freedom to get their relationship provided it is still only with one other person officially approved by our wise overlords in the form of a license! Now all two-person relationships can be meddled with, micromanaged, and torn asunder by unelected bureaucrats and judges. Now all couples can have the freedom to release intimate details of their lives to the Tax Gestapo in order to keep back some of their money normally taken through theft under threats of violence.

All of this would not be possible if we didn’t have our nine ephors to tell hundreds of millions of us mundanes what freedoms the government allows us to have, because allowing people to get married without permission of the state would cause unnecessary rifts in society, chaos, conflict, strife, and so many other unpleasantries easily solved by official government edicts.

Oh, the freedom to obtain the blessing of the state for a relationship has never been so glorious!

Sweet, beautiful freedom of government licensing! Chant it with me!

“Licensing marriage now, licensing marriage tomorrow, licensing marriage forever”

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5 Responses to Licensing all Marriages Equally

  1. Amen brother. I feel the exact same way.

    Too bad most of the country is rejoicing right now, totally oblivious to the question of whether the government should have anything to do with relationships in the first place, instead of being upset that it took this long to allow these individuals to exercise their natural right of voluntary association.

    Same discussion as that of slavery. “But Government freed the slaves!” No! No! No! They just finally stopped subjugating these people. It is not heroic to grant someone their natural rights after you’ve denied them for hundreds of years.

    Since politicians have shifted the attention of the public with the “creation” of a new freedom, it effectively draws attention away from the fact they have been denying this freedom all this time.

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    • The Question says:

      The comparison between slavery and marriage equality is excellent because it demonstrates a critical point libertarians stress time and time again. The method by which a problem is solved is as important as solving the problem itself, because if you use the wrong method you will inevitably undue any accomplishment. Slaves were “freed” in 1865 through a war of aggression, but how many of them were truly free afterwards?

      The Supreme Court could have A) Followed the Constitution and said it lacked the authority per the 10th Amendment or B) Declare the concept of marriage licensing itself to be a violation of one’s 14th Amendment rights (this would have been the libertarian solution).

      If you use tyranny to bring about “freedom,” you’re ultimately just adding more tyranny.

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