The Final Word on “White Privilege”

I was going to leave the whole matter alone concerning that gal in Spokane – not too far from where I live – who masqueraded as a black woman when she was really white.

Then the following thoughts came to mind:

One, did anyone else immediately think of Robert Downey, Jr.’s character from the film Tropic Thunder, the method actor who darkens his skin to play a black man?

But all of that aside, here’s the thing. If a women like her had “white privilege” not afforded to minority women, what did she gain by passing herself off as a black woman?

This is why the controversy over her deception makes no sense, at least from those who claim white privilege exists and minorities are oppressed. Is it because she actually stifled their efforts against racism and discrimination? Did she frag the NAACP and act as a fifth column?


Then what exactly did she do that deserves criticism, aside from deceiving people? What offense did she commit?

Again, if things are really that bad for women minorities, what motivated her to alter her appearance like this? Didn’t she give up privileges and take on burdens and struggles by doing so?

Was she, or was she not, treated better before she began this ruse?

Maybe, just maybe, their reaction is so because she took advantage of privileges that were not intended for white women…..privileges that she would have never had otherwise.

Maybe, just maybe, she obtained and achieved what she did because of the (new) color of her skin.

If one believes that white privilege exists (as well as white male privilege), then they have no right to be angry with her; in fact, they should applaud her decision to reject her “privilege” given to her by no merit of her own and brave the racism and bigotry and discrimination minorities face by joining their ranks.

It really boils down to the “Why”. If there was personal gain, how could she give up privileges in doing so? Why would someone from a privileged class give up their claim to an upper section of a caste system for the bottom of it, if it weren’t for personal gain?

And if it wasn’t for personal gain, and she gave up privileges by doing this, then how is what she did selfish rather than selfless?

Food for thought!

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