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Good grief!

Watching the debates and heated exchanges on Facebook over the past week concerning Confederate flags and gay marriage has only reminded me of why I don’t debate people there anymore. I’ll have friendly discussions in private groups, but all these … Continue reading

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Discrimination for me, but not for thee

Jeffrey Tucker made the following observation on the issue of discrimination (bold emphasis added). Notice how anti-discrimination law applies to the producer but not the consumer. Consumers are allowed to use any grounds they want for denying money here or spending … Continue reading

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Playing with (holy) fire

In my last post I wrote about how one of the main driving forces behind the anti-same-sex marriage movement is that it’s not just about “keeping the government” out of the bedroom. In fact, it doesn’t get them out at all. One … Continue reading

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Mighty Watchtower or Dragging Anchor?

This Facebook comment by Tom Woods’ got me thinking about modern conservatism. I’d say 65% of conservatives, and 90% of conservatives under 30, are now officially to the left of Adlai Stevenson. What’s more, they cannot fathom that anyone to … Continue reading

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The Libertarian Case Against Legalizing Licensed Same-Sex Marriage Through Supreme Court Rulings

In “The Libertarian Case for Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage,” Sheldon Richman from the Free Association argues that there is no libertarian case for the Supreme Court to have ruled against marriage equality.  I don’t necessarily disagree with many of the points he … Continue reading

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Licensing all Marriages Equally

Rejoice, comrades! Our modern day ephors have issued their ex cathedra pronouncement on our freedom to marry, a freedom that comes from the state! Now all Americans have the freedom to get their relationship provided it is still only with one other … Continue reading

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Defining Cowardice

Inasmuch as I find the whole Confederate flag controversy to be worthy of nothing more than an eye roll, at the same time I happen to also believe it has a silver lining. It is during these cause célèbres we see … Continue reading

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