When Social Justice Warriors Frag One Of Their Own

I assume most of you are familiar with the story of a Columbia University student who falsely claimed another student raped her and, despite the fact that both the police and the school cleared him of any wrongdoing (the latter being no small feat) she carried her bed mattress around campus as part of a class project in protest. Eventually, her story got picked apart piece by piece.

Maybe I lack the capacity to comprehend such delicate situations, but if you eagerly text someone “I wanna see yoyououoyou” (exact text message) two weeks after they supposedly brutally raped you, one might be somewhat skeptical about the veracity of your accusations.

Now the male student she accused is suing the university. Having read the entire lawsuit myself, I couldn’t help but notice this passage describing the man’s background:

“Paul was raised in a progressive egalitarian home in which both of his parents assumed full-time responsibilities as caretakers and as breadwinners. Paul’s mother, Karin, is a long-time journalist for the National Council of German Women’s Organizations, Deutscher Frauenrat. She is the co-founder, and a writer, on the feminist writer’s blog weibblick and has published on gender-related issues such as feminist theory, women in the media, discrimination of migrant women, equal pay, and women’s rights as human rights” (emphasis added).

You really can’t make this stuff up.

I highly recommend you read the lawsuit yourself. Even if only half of it is true, it’s disturbing no matter how you look at it.

Just like the Rolling Stone hoax, the implosion of this girl’s story demonstrates the myth of a rape culture on college campuses and the existence of false rape narratives.

What’s so infuriating about these stories isn’t merely the harm done to the people involved, but that while these women may be crying wolf, there are women who are not. Sexual assault does happen, and thanks to these sick individuals, real victims now have to prove they aren’t peddling the same product, which adds an additional burden on someone who has already suffered enough. You know, the very people that social justice warriors pretend to care about.

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