The Progressives’ Regress

Readers of this site may observe that I tend to avoid naming names when I criticize statements people make or the views they promote, albeit sometimes I make exceptions.

Primarily, this is because I am interested in ideas, not the people who espouse them. One indirect moral from the tale of the Little Boy Who Cried Wolf  is a liar telling the truth is still telling the truth. In the Bible, even evil spirits were capable of speaking the truth.

Another reason is uncertainty; you never know if people will change. Someone I criticize today may say something tomorrow I completely agree with.

Jeffrey Tucker is an example of this. He’s written on how libertarians need to embrace certain social views that have nothing to do with libertarianism and collaborated with fake libertarians that smeared real ones as “racists.” Yet, he’s also given presentation such as this one titled “How Government Is Unraveling Civilization By Force” from 2010 at the Mises Circle in Colorado Springs.

It is an enjoyable and lively lecture on how progressivism has evolved into a retrograde ideology that uses state coercion and violence to withhold or deprive people of technological developments. They also restrict consumer choices we previously had out of a desire to return to an earlier period in history, rather than allow the free market to promote human progress. The consequences have manifested in many ways, including the return of bed bug problems as a result of chemicals being banned that once eradicated them.

In this sense, the progressives are actually trying to take us backwards.

Fortunately, based on recent views Tucker has taken one would typically associate with brutalist libertarians, it appears he is slowly moving away from his earlier position. One can only hope.

In the meantime…..

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