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Gangsters and Politicians

Gentleman’s Gazette is an online magazine for men looking to dress spiffy. They also examine famous men through history who were known, among other things, for their distinct clothing style. In one such article on infamous Chicago gangster Al Capone, … Continue reading

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Why We “Doom and Gloom”

For whatever reason, libertarianism and the liberty movement attracts and engenders what you might call the “Doom and Gloom” mentality. It’s the survivalist perspective, i.e. the end of the world is nigh. The centerpiece of this mentality is The Crash.

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The Progressives’ Regress

Readers of this site may observe that I tend to avoid naming names when I criticize statements people make or the views they promote, albeit sometimes I make exceptions. Primarily, this is because I am interested in ideas, not the people who espouse them. … Continue reading

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So What If I’m Selfish?

In an article for the Mises Daily, Gary Galles addresses a common fallacy of confusing selfishness with self-interest.

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To the Victor….

Although I hold disagreements with him in some areas, I admire John Stossel as a libertarian and reporter. His strange stance on NSA surveillance notwithstanding, it takes guts to make the arguments he does, even when he does not agree with … Continue reading

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Why No One At the Rolling Stone Got Fired

The Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism recently completed a report on the Rolling Stone article “A Rape on Campus,” which recounted an alleged gang rape that happened at the Phi Kappa Psi frat house at the University of Virginia. … Continue reading

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Redefining Words

Jim O’Connor over at Patriot’s Lament makes the observation, as I have, of the terrible tendency people have to misuse redefine the words they use at the beginning of, during, and after an argument as part of the destruction of language. Addressing the current debate … Continue reading

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