The New Racism

Captain Capitalism recently posted a video in which he expresses his frustration over negative responses to his new book “The Black Man’s Guide Out of Poverty,” mainly that they call him “racist.”

When it comes to the destruction of language and the meaning of words, “racism” has to be at the top of the list in terms of meaninglessness.

Racism, as traditionally understood, refers to discriminating against people according to the color of their skin or believing people with certain skin colors are superior or inferior to others.

So for something to be an act of racism, it must ignore all other aspects of what makes a person a person, i.e. cultural, social, religious, or moral behavior. The only criteria considered is their race.

Martin Luther King, Jr. defined the opposite of racism when he spoke of his children being judged by the conduct of their character not by the color of their skin.

Yet now racism has no workable definition. It is simply used as a word thrown around to silence people who don’t agree with you through social stigma. And, incidentally, only certain groups are considered capable of racism.

Captain Capitalism is criticized as racist for writing a book to help black men get out of poverty because he is white, which for any intellectually honest person is a bewildering accusation. Some may say it is racist because he is treating black men differently by writing a book about them solely due to the color of their skin, but this too is absurd.

Black men have long suffered from twice the unemployment rate as white men in the United States (is it racist to mention this, as well?). The book, therefore, is targeted to black men because it examines circumstances according to facts – something else that is considered “racist” – which say this problem is a specific problem for black men.

Unless social justice warriors are willing to admit there is no difference in poverty rates for black men and white men, then it follows that poverty is something black men deal with more than white men, hence the title and purpose behind the book.

One has to wonder if what made his critics so upset is that his book might actually contain useful information for black men trying to get out of poverty, as opposed to the worthless government actions that has led to perpetual black unemployment, high drug use, rampant illegitimacy and a terrible functioning literacy rate due to enstupidation in state-run schools.

Their only way to call it racist is to point out that the author is white, which begs the question. Is their sole complaint about the book that a white man wrote it and not the content of the book itself?

Perhaps their real outrage is that the author offers practical solutions that doesn’t involve supporting political activists and passing government laws. In other words, he’s showing black men they don’t need the state to solve their problems and black activists are either unnecessary or even obstructions to their path to prosperity.

The situation very much reminds me of the Parable of the Good Samaritan. In the story he helps a Jew on the side of the road who has been beaten near to death by robbers. Recall Samaritans were an ethnic group despised by the Jews, who in turn despised them as well and refused to associate with them. Further recall that prior to the Good Samaritan coming to help, two Jews see their fellow Hebrew lying on the road and simply ignore him.

Imagine if it was considered “racist” for the Good Samaritan to help the Jew solely because he is a Samaritan, and the people accusing him of racism are the two Jews who walked past him on the road.

That’s pretty much the definition of racism we have right now.

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3 Responses to The New Racism

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  2. It’s unfortunate what has happened to the black community. Republican drug laws and Democratic wage laws have worked in tandem to destroy the future of many of these individuals, providing incentives to stay unproductive and remain on the dole or to engage in higher paying activities which one can be arrested for. I’m all for personal responsibility, but I think some laws, which invariably have subverted the free market, need to absorb a great portion of the blame. It’s so tragic that many of these laws (minimum wage, federal housing, public education, welfare, etc.) were supposedly meant to help the black community.


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