Latest LAPD Police Shooting Crushes Social Justice Narrative

There’s not much to be said about the shooting of this homeless black man by the Los Angles Police Department that hasn’t been said before. It is nothing new. According to Photography Is Not A Crime, the man is the 181st person to be killed this year so far by a law enforcement officer in the country.

(Warning: Strong language in the video).

I’m going eschew conjecturing about the possible buildup that precipitated the shooting and instead focus on what separates this from other police incidents that have drawn national outrage as of late.

It will be difficult for social justice warriors to use it as another example of police brutality against blacks due to racism because this time the officer who did the shooting was himself black (listen to a witness at 2:45 identify him), whereas with Eric Garner the officers were nearly all white (one officer appears Asian).

Again, this is nothing new, either. Black cops mistreat black people, too, something rarely discussed or often ignored, because it doesn’t fit the SJW narrative, which states police brutality is caused by racism, not the inherent flaws within the relationship between law enforcement and citizens.

The SJWs would have us believe that the problem isn’t caused by federal grant programs that have led to the arming of officers with automatic weapons, armored cars. It’s not the buildup of SWAT teams for every small town in the country. It isn’t the weeding out of applicants with too high IQs, or training intended to instill paranoia to the point where they pull guns out on kids throwing snowballs. It isn’t qualified immunity, police unions, or the sovereign immunity that protects law enforcement agencies that regard themselves as paramilitaries.

It certainly isn’t the state’s monopoly on law enforcement that leads to a rational fear of police.

No, it’s all due to racial hatred. If only the paramilitaries just abandoned their hatred there would be no abuses of their enormous, unchecked power….

This shooting demonstrates the falsehood of this narrative. SJWs may try to spin it, of course, or distract people (don’t look at the man behind the curtain, I am the Great and Powerful Oz) but anyone lacking a severe case of cognitive dissonance can see the cause of police shootings and abuse is not racial discrimination but granting certain people authority without responsibility.

The officer shot the homeless man because he is part of an institution that allows him to do so with no trepidation of retribution.

SJWs refuse to appreciate or acknowledge this; that police incidents occur because officers know there is little to no chance of them being held accountable; this has nothing to do with racism.

I, for example, am a private citizen – or as William Norman Grigg puts it, a mundane. Because I have no state privileges, irrespective of how racist or bigoted I may be, I cannot shoot people of different races on the sidewalk without justifiable cause – at least without also fearing legal consequences.

Had the officer been a private citizen and shot this homeless man, he would have been arrested and, barring justifiable reasons for killing him, charged with homicide.

How this blatant discrepancy in treatment between private citizens and state agents is lost on a significant portion of the American population never fails to amaze me.

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5 Responses to Latest LAPD Police Shooting Crushes Social Justice Narrative

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  2. Very important distinction you have made between state committed violence and private committed violence, and it is so true that this is lost on most folks. Those who commit violence on behalf of the state are considered heroes or patriots, while those who commit violence, especially if the violence is directed against the state itself, on their own accord are considered criminals until proven innocent.

    I think Voltaire may have said it best.

    “It is forbidden to kill; therefore all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets”


    • The Question says:

      Of course, a likely reason why it’s “lost” on them isn’t that they are opposed to state violence; they simply wish it be directed against the “right” people. I notice a lot of “civil rights” groups will lambast the government as corrupt and evil when they feel like they’re the victim of state violence, but the minute anyone to the right of them becomes a victim of state violence, like gun owners, all of a sudden the victim is an “anti-social” nutjob who got what was coming to them.


  3. Agreed.

    I love that you put civil rights in quotes. Its not often you see that, and I’m not a fan of government granted rights either; I’m in favor of the natural sort.


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