Ron Paul Properly Defines Libertarianism

With so many people contributing to the confusion over what it means to be a libertarian, intentionally or not, it’s refreshing to see someone like Ron Paul, who single-handedly brought more awareness to libertarian giants like Murray Rothbard than anyone else, define what it means.

Defining Libertarianism

Libertarianism is not about legalizing drugs, prostitution, being able to smoke weed and marry someone of the same sex. It’s not about getting the government out of our lives so we can oppress minorities. It’s not about getting rid of regulations and supporting corrupt corporations (who would rather blow up a country than see it become free market) as they destroy the environment for the sake of consumerism.

It’s nonintervention. It’s about property rights. It’s about the NAP.

I hammer this point away again and again and again because if this point gets lost then everything that comes after it will be distorted and ultimately futile. When you’re building a house, the foundation has to be built properly. If the foundation isn’t firm, the building will collapse.

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5 Responses to Ron Paul Properly Defines Libertarianism

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  5. This being the case, if you have a libertarian who disagrees with the Libertarian Party on some issues, how do you explain to people that disagreeing with the platform does not mean not being libertarian in other regards? An example: Abortion. How do you explain that because someone who identifies as a libertarian and yet opposes abortion on moral grounds does not necessarily warrant the accusation of not being a libertarian in other regards?


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