“Anti-Government” Parents Use State Coercion to Control Unregistered Child

Apparently there is a girl who has been blessed with no birth certificate or Social Security Number, thanks to her “fundamentalist” Christian parents who homeschooled her and chose not register her to the government. The girl has reportedly run away from home but has discovered that unless you’re registered by the feds you pretty much can’t do anything in our country.

The girl has now made a video in an attempt to raise awareness about her plight.*

The State Is the Aggressor

Naturally, all the anger is aimed at the parents for not doing their duty in registering her and exploiting this.

I’m not going to address the morality of what the parents did** or are doing, nor whether or not the girl had good reasons for leaving. She is, after all, 19 years old and now an adult. It’s her choice.

What I find so interesting about the person who emailed this Patheos writer about the situation is their total lack of reflection on the injustice of the laws we have in place. Their outrage, like most people brainwashed into statism, is directed at the parents, which they refer to as “patriarchal fundamentalism.”

Their starting point is that the government laws are necessary and if harm is brought upon people as a result it’s because they didn’t do as they were supposed to. The headline says it all: “Denied a birth certificate and SSN# by her fundamentalist parents.”

Except it completely misses the point.

It is the government’s requirement for people to provide a SSN before they can work that is hurting her. It is the government’s laws on birth certificates that is harming her opportunities. These are all restrictions put in place through the immoral coercion of the state.

Having to Register to Obtain Your Rights

Again, I’m not going to discuss the parents’ behavior because it’s not entirely relevant to the larger issue here. They would not have any indirect control over her if it were not for the laws we have in place. The person who alerted the writer ignores this fact as they wrote “they’re using her civil rights as leverage in an attempt to control her.”

This would not be possible if there were no laws that preemptively deprived her of her rights.

The government could simply give this woman a birth certificate and social security number, but they won’t. At worst, the parents are taking advantage of it, but this is no different than people engaging in swatting; the whole concept relies on the overreaction of the state and militarization of police to work.

As much as people who participate in “swatting” are scum, the real outrage should be directed at the police who are quite willing to barge in guns blazing and possibly kill someone based on an anonymous phone call.

These “Anti-Government” Parents Are Relying on the State to Control Their Daughter

Ironically, people whining about homeschooling parents such as these trying to avoid state authority over their lives and children don’t seem to get that the parents would have no control over their daughter without the state. She is now 19 and therefore an adult. Apart from her lack of government documents, they would have nothing to control her with.

These are problems caused by the government. Without these laws and the illegitimate rationales for their existence, this girl would be able to leave without any strings attached. In a libertarian anarchist society, she would be free to work for whomever is willing to hire her and attend school wherever she is accepted and is capable of paying. Identification would be resolved privately and not under coercion.

Aside from the fact that births should not have to be registered to the state, Social Security is an unconstitutional ponzi scheme based on lies and deceit. Recall that SSN cards used to specifically state “For Social Security Purposes Not For Identification.”

Now you cannot get a job without one. The scam we have today did not happen overnight.

Not surprisingly, you will not find any of the parents’ critics mentioning the state’s control over our lives. Such power does not produce consternation for them, because there is a total lack of historical perspective in this country. Whatever the government says at this particular moment in time, even if it contradicts or violates promises or guarantees made decades ago, is regarded as Holy Writ.

This whole situation indicates the level of control the state has over a citizen. It also shows we have no access to our rights. If we do not posses the requisite paperwork from the government, we are not given the ability to exercise them.

For example, this girl cannot get a passport without a birth certificate, so she is not free to leave the country. Until she looks 35, she cannot get or drink alcohol. She cannot buy or smoke tobacco. She cannot ride a train or fly on an airplane. She cannot get a credit card or open a bank account.

All of this is because of government laws that require you to go to them first and be registered.

Citizen Registration Is No Different From Slaves Putting on Chains

The incident reminds me of the opening scene to the Disney cartoon Education for Death: The Making of a Nazi.

In reality, though, I have no doubt the government will be eager to give her the documents she seeks. After all, it is in their interest to see that she does. As it is now, she cannot be forced to pay into a system while being told lies about getting it back when she gets older, because by the time she reaches that age the fund will be dissolvent. She cannot be tracked by the NSA, because they don’t know who she is. She can’t be forced to provide identification. She can’t be given a criminal record. She can’t be put on a terrorist watchlist. She can’t be drafted (the law exempts women right now but you never know). She can’t be compelled to pay the income tax in either her state or to the feds.

I find it so ironic people accuse homeschool parents like this couple of being totalitarian for wanting to control their own child. That it is probably true is beside the point. What makes it so hypocritical is these statists have no moral compunction about the state controlling millions of other people’s children by incarcerating them in buildings, teaching them harmful doctrine decided by unelected bureaucrats, all paid for through the theft and expropriation of their parents.

Physician, heal thyself.

* For every homeschooled girl like this, there are 10,000 who have suffered worse in state-run schools.

**Libertarians should get their kids a birth certificate and SSN for the same reason they should give muggers money who are pointing a gun at their kids. The situations aren’t much different.

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