To the Parent of the Public School Child Who Exposed My Family to Statism

I personally have no bone in the whole vaccinate or not vaccinate issue. I’ve done some research reading stuff that argues both sides. The anti-vaccine people claim Big Pharma controls the media and stifles the truth, while pro-vaccine people claim the other side is a bunch of anti-science quack-jobs.

Honestly, neither opinion bothers me.

What bothers me are the people in the pro-vaccine camp who think the state should have the authority to use violence to force parents to inject a vaccine chosen by the state into their child’s body without their consent.

It is the dumbest aspect of this debate. Period. If you can’t see the obvious reasons why government shouldn’t be trusted with people’s health, chances are you’ve never heard of the Tuskegee Experiment.

This is the attitude of many, but not all, pro-vaccine people, and what irritates me is their sense of superiority when they advocate for state-violence against others. Most of their justification rests on the concept of the “herd effect” and that people who don’t vaccine put others in harm’s way.

The other day a parent wrote a column published in Mother Jones titled “To the Parent of the Unvaccinated Child Who Exposed My Family to Measles” which apparently occurred at Disneyland. He didn’t argue in favor of forced vaccinations, just to be clear, but the arguments he made got me thinking about his reasoning from a libertarian perspective, so I rewrote the letter as below (Before some idiot misreads this and comments, no, I’m not parodying or mocking the concerns of the parent in the above column. I’m simply taking the reasoning to its logical conclusion).

To the Parent of the Public School Child Who Exposed My Family to Statism:

I have a number of strong feelings surging through my body right now. Towards my family, I am feeling extra protective like a papa bear. Towards you, a public school parent, I feel anger and frustration at your choices.

By now we’ve all heard of the November election results decided by voters. Or more accurately, results which mostly originated from graduates of public schools, former students who affect other people with their bad ideas about the need for government violence. I won’t get into a debate about the lack of social skills in kids from the home-school movement, the controversy about allowing kids to pray in the classroom  (stop the pledge of allegiance, while you’re at it), or the myth that public schools are needed to provide the poor with an education (free market already provides for the poor on so many other things).

Let’s talk about the state for just a minute. It once was minimal in the US. It has now infected all parts of the US. Statism is highly a contagious disease and can survive no matter how many times it’s proven wrong despite causing massive violence, misery, famine and brutal world wars.

Another fun fact is that statism is transmittable before its culpability is ever diagnosed. How many times do we hear we need more government to solve a problem caused by government or that we need to just “throw the bums” out by replacing them with new bums? We had an economic meltdown in 2008 caused by the Federal Reserve, and despite having 120 regulatory agencies at the time, people infected with statism at public schools believed the free market was to blame.

Belief in the state itself is unpleasant, but also dangerous. In the 20th Century, this belief led to the deaths of millions. Stalin, Mao, Hitler, and others slaughter countless numbers of their own people, all at the hands of the state. Democracies were less gruesome, but still terrible.

That sounds fun!


Calm down, self.

I assume you love your child just like I love mine. I assume that you are trying to make good choices regarding their education. Please realize that your child does not live in a bubble. When your child is educated in a state-run school to believe in the state as a deity, that they must vote to perpetuate its authority and support it when it inflicts violence on people, other children are affected. My children.

Why does this effect me and mine? Why is my family at risk if we don’t send our kids to public schools? I’m glad you asked.

Because your children take those ideas with them when they graduate and go on to vote. They vote to raise property taxes, institute income taxes. They vote to fund government departments that claim the authority to kidnap my children should they not approve of how I raise them. They vote to elect politicians who strip me of my liberties. They also vote to force me to fund state-run schools. They force me to associate with people I do not wish to and support a foreign policy I find foolish and evil. They then tell others who do not support these policies that they are naive, they are anti-social. They think asking “But who will build the roads?” is a guaranteed way to win an argument with a libertarian.

All this affects my family.

As long as there are millions of people like you who believes the government  has the power to educate not only your children, but mine, and kidnap them if they don’t like how I do it myself, my children remain at risk. They cannot be protected, except by my willingness and ability to kill anyone who tries to take them. I can homeschool them, but I still have to pay for the public schools where you send your child to get infected with statism. I can send to my kids to private schools, but I shouldn’t have to pay for two schools to get the education of one.

Besides, there is this thing called the herd effect; when enough children have been infected with statism, it spreads to other kids, whether they go to private school or are home-schooled (unless it’s this one).

As all sorts of taxes are increased, the ability for parents to independently educate children outside of the state’s hands becomes near impossible. Many parents are forced to send their kids to state schools because of this extortion. I was one of them. I attended a public high school and a public university.

There, children like myself were infected with statism and the accompanying ideologies that preached superstitions to justify its authority. Boys were taught they were privileged members of an evil patriarchy, while girls were conditioned to despise motherhood, harmonious relations with men, and femininity.

Yes, there are some like me who recover from their statist infection, albeit they still have to contend with the contaminated masses of those around them as they spend hours of their time unlearning what they learned, taking time out of their lives to fight for their rights instead of turning to more productive activities.

You see, even if my children don’t go to state schools, they still have to deal with those who do and are infected in them. My children may have been vaccinated against statism, but it’s not 100 percent guaranteed.

Someone might infect them. Someone like your public school child. Or, they suffer when your child gets into a voting booth and fills in a box granting someone authority to harm them.

So public school parents, thanks for screwing up our lives. Instead of being left alone, we get to pay higher taxes to finance institutions we hate and pray for no financial hardships befall us (or else the IRS comes and steals everything I own). Thanks for making us fear anonymous complaints about us that could result in having our children kidnapped. On that note, thanks for exposing millions of children to an ideology that has killed many, many more in the span of a century than have been killed by the measles, a disease most people got at some point without dying not too long ago.

Thanks for infecting your children with a belief that they can decide who gets to steal what from whom and to support the deaths of those who resist, especially innocent Third World people who live thousands of miles away.

Your poor choices don’t just affect your child. They affect my family and many more like us.

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