How We Ever Going to Get There If We Don’t Start Somewhere?

Obviously the idea of reducing and then abolishing the state sounds inane. This is because people misinterpret what libertarians are actually saying. The inference is that we intend to carry this out tomorrow, when what we are actually offering is our final objective. Libertarians understand the endgame well; it’s the journey getting there where things get dicey and confusion’s aplenty.

Here’s an example in the form of a short parable.

An old man sees a young man mowing his next door neighbor’s lawn. He comes outside and greets the young man. After a brief introduction, he asks the young man what he wants to do and is amazed when he immediately replies he plans to run his own home improvement business.

“How are you going to accomplish that?” the old man asks, looking at his watch. “It’s simply not realistic. You couldn’t possibly form a company by the end of the day!”

The young man looks at him bemusedly, then smiles and says, “You misunderstand me. I don’t plan on opening it tomorrow. I plan to start it in the future, when I have the money.”

“But surely you can’t raise that money mowing grass!” he exclaims. “You’re not being realistic, son.”

“Of course, I am!” the young man replies. “I don’t plan on starting it with this money. I’m starting it with money I make in the future working as plumber.”

“But you don’t have the training.”

“I will after I go to college.”

“But you aren’t going to college.”

“I will when I have the money.”

“But you don’t have the money.”

The young man laughs and pushes the old man aside as he restarts the lawn mower, leaving him with a final rhetorical question.

“That’s what I’m mowing lawns for, sir! Would you like yours mowed?”


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