“Libertarians” Who Think It’s Ok for Feds to Offer Two Years of “Free” College Are Idiots

There are plenty of fraudsters in the libertarian movement. We know the types; they’re easy to spot. They’re anti-government in areas where they want them to stay away, such as drugs, personal lifestyle behavior, what have you. But they’re all for state intervention if it benefits them and their agendas.

Ever since President Obama proposed offering two “free” years of community college, I’ve seen the frauds coming out of the woodworks, showing their true colors as they chuck their talk of liberty and replace it with spirited defense of state-run education. Apparently they are ardent proponents of freedom until the discussion involves something dear to their heart. Then we really need coercion and aggression to make sure it happens.

All I can say is that if your reaction involves anger or frustration at anything other than the federal government for trying to yet again fix a problem by sticking their finger in a festering wound they created, then chances are you aren’t a libertarian.

This nonsense doesn’t even pass a litmus test for a constitutionalist. And we’re not even addressing the practical side of the proposal, which is sure to be a disaster in every way imaginable.

Anyone who claims to be a libertarian yet thinks it is acceptable in any way whatsoever for the federal government to offer two years of community college for “free” to some by expropriating money from others is doing it wrong. They are either an idiot or a charlatan, or both.

The whole point of libertarianism is to get the state out of our lives and abolish it. Those who aren’t interested in this can call themselves anything they want, but what they aren’t is a libertarian.

They only make themselves look like idiots when they pretend otherwise.

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