Public Schools Holding Classroom Instruction on Guns is a Bad Idea

In South Carolina there is an effort to get public schools to teach students about firearms.

According to Greenville Online:

One bill — pre-filed in the state House — would create a Second Amendment Awareness Day to be held on Dec. 15 each year in all state schools, complete with a poster or essay contest centered on the theme “The Right To Bear Arms: One American Right Protecting All Others.”

Students — at every grade level — would receive at least three weeks of education on their gun rights based on a curriculum chosen by the state Department of Education and approved or recommended by the National Rifle Association (underline emphasis mine)

While I applaud their desire to educate kids on how to safely handle guns and the true purpose of the Second Amendment, I still say no to the idea of the government teaching this material.

Truth be told, I don’t have a problem with people who don’t like guns and don’t want to own them. I have a problem with them trying to restrict my ability to buy and own them. Inasmuch as I believe all private citizens should carry firearms, it is a choice.

Their children shouldn’t be forced to attend a classroom instruction on guns anymore than children from a devoutly religious family should be forced to learn how to put a condom on a cucumber (the latter example is not theoretical).

Also, does anyone really trust a bureaucratic Department of Education to stay true and faithful to the original intent of this bill?

There is an irony in having the government teach kids about the Second Amendment; it is there so citizens can abolish their government if it gets too tyrannical. Maybe it’s because I have new contacts on, but I see a conflict of interest in this, and hopefully so do you.

Again, this is why a state-run education system is the problem. If kids are going to be educated on guns, it has to be done voluntarily, like it was when my father taught me. He didn’t need the state to do it.

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