Thoughts on the Upcoming “American Sniper”

A lot of my friends are wondering if I plan to see American Sniper, the upcoming film about Chris Kyle, who is reported to have the highest kill count during the Iraq Conflict.

I love Clint Eastwood’s films, especially Gran Torino, but for this one I’m staying home. I have no intention of seeing a film that portrays what he did in a sympathetic light.

Among his first kills was a woman, according to his autobiography, which he makes clear he had no remorse over. In the trailer we’re clearly meant to sympathize with his imminent decision to kill her.

Even when I was a mainstream conservative, such a trailer would have disturbed me.

I’ve never understood how some people think it’s okay to shoot a woman if a person is part of a military force invading her country, but then say “there’s no reason to hit a woman” when discussing domestic violence against women in their own country. (Think Ray Rice and Chris Brown).

Would we ever accept this kind of logic from any other country?

Laurence Vance, who has written on Chris Kyle before, has an excellent response to those who criticize his writing condemning Kyle’s conduct.

Oh, and by the way, my critic tells me that I should move to another country “post haste.” Hey, here’s a thought: If I moved to another country and joined its military and became a sniper would I be a hero or a mass-murdering psycho if I shot at American troops?

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6 Responses to Thoughts on the Upcoming “American Sniper”

  1. D says:

    So obviously I have to add my two cents, seeing as how I have commented on this topic before. I don’t see the world like most anarchy capitalists do, I look at what cultures would be most likely to accept libertarianism and to a lesser extent anarchism. To make my point briefly: Where could the miss institute exist outside of the US? Most Muslim cultures would not allow it to exist and therefore I see those cultures as the enemy of freedom. I don’t support most of America’s overseas adventures, but I don’t quite condemn it the same way others do either. So I approach the ‘American Sniper’ deal a little more different.
    Here is a list of issues:
    His story about shooting two people at a gas station
    his story about punching Ventura
    his stories about getting into bar fights
    his story about leading a squad of marines
    the method in which the SEALs selected ‘targets’
    the fact that he ‘wrote’ a book
    the fact that in that book he said a lot of things that could have fueled the insurgency, at a time when soldiers were still in Iraq
    the fact that his priorities in life were god, country, family, in that order
    I won’t go into each and I left a few things off the list due to time but the most important is the method by which they operated. It was well known by those of us in Ramadi at that time that the SEALs were just looking to get into gun fights. They would often set ‘traps’ by which they would bait people. Putting guns on the side of the road and shooting anyone who tried to pick them up, for example. Forcing their way into someones building, hanging an american flag from the window and waiting for people to attack them. Crap like that. The second and third order effects were that more americans died as a result and more iraqis hated America. It is quite obvious that SEALs didn’t give two craps about rebuilding Iraq or trying to restore some type of freedom. They went over there in order to bring back war stories. And Chris Kyle was one of the best of them. His goal was to rack up a body count and become famous as the top american sniper in history. If the SEALs and units like them were never allowed into Iraq there is no telling what the world would look like today. Im not a proponent of nation building, but if you are going to do it then look at America as an example of what not to do.
    I know a lot of people will condemn my involvement in the military, but if you are really afraid of the state, like i am, then what better place to be?


  2. D says:

    I have to add one more thing- Iraq wasnt a war zone like they show in the movies. There were occaisons, falluja, etc. where things got hectic for a few days, but it wasnt some ten year long battle. It was a fairly permissive environment. Imagine if you decided to start sniping at criminals here in the US. Imagine how difficult it would be to just find one guy. When i worked with snipers we spent weeks going after one guy. So please dont tell me these were all legit ‘bad’ guys he killed. He obviously has no problem telling fish tales, as seen from his BS stories like shooting robbers or his awesome bar fights, so why would you believe someone with such little integrity?
    And if he was such a badass why didnt seal team 6 pick him up? He was just a vanilla seal? And unless you are a dirtbag your time as a sniper shouldnt last more than a few years before you have to take on some type of leadership position. So many holes…but the whole bin laden raid has a ton of holes as did lone survivor. It all comes down to folks wanting attention.


    • I agree. I don’t find anything heroic about Kyle. And the bin laden raid I doubted the moment they said they had already buried the body by the time it was announced.


      • D says:

        I dont doubt that the raid happened. I dont know what they did with the body but i do know the military is horrible at keeping secrets. If the supposedly ‘most secret unit’ cant keep their guys from writing a book they arent going to keep much else hidden either. If they staged the helicopter crashing and paid off pakdstani witnesses somebody at some point would have talked. People in the DoD love to brag to other people about how much they know, its human nature. And our military isnt competent enough to pull off something that complex.


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